Monday, April 23, 2018

Grant's 11 Month Update

Dear Baby Grant,

Clap clap clap!  Someone has a new trick!  You are clapping your hands and smiling all the while!  What a sweet boy you are!

You are still wearing 6-12 month clothes and the weather here is still warm so we are enjoying your cute summer outfits!  I think my boy clothes from 6-12 months might be my favorites and I am so glad you are getting to wear them too!  So many sweet memories in these little outfits.  You are wearing size three diapers and sleeping much better now that you are used to your crib!

We did more traveling this month and you loved visiting Lucca!  I think you would've stayed on the swing there for hours!  And the train ride!  You were so cute standing at the window and looking also got in your first visit to the beach!

You  are just starting to crawl and you also manage to get around by twirling your legs in circles.  You definitely aren't in a hurry to grow up and I'm ok with that.

Happy 11 months sweet boy!!  We love you!

Grant's 10 Month Update

Dear Grant,

Happy 10 months!!  

It's been so fun to watch you grow this month!  You have loved having more space to grow and play.  We had some toys arrive in one of our crates and you especially love the Leapfrog  toy that makes music. I love watching you dance to the music! You still aren't crawling so it's easy to set you down to hang out with me while I shower or make dinner.  I am hoping our baby gates will arrive before you start!

One of your other favorite toys is the box of Duplos.  You love to empty them out and put them back in the box. Another favorite thing?  Your crib!!!!  After almost 10 months you are finally getting to sleep in your crib and in your own room.  You may not be thrilled but your Mama and your Daddy are!  I don't think we dreamed we'd be sharing our space for so long....even if you are a super cute roommate!

Your first teeth are poking through!  I always know when you don't feel well because it's the only time you are fussy.  Sure enough after a fussy night I checked and there they were!  

You added Austria and Germany to your "I've Been" list this month.  We took a short trip to Legoland and Garmisch.  You were a trooper hanging out in your stroller all day at Legoland!  It was cold and you didn't complain at all! Thankfully our clothes arrived before we left on this trip so we at least had something warm to wear!

One of my favorite things to do is take you to the grocery store.  Because you aren't mobile yet you just sit in the top part of the cart when we have to run in to get a few things.  I love getting to talk to you and just spend time with you.  That smile of yours just gets me every time!

Kiddo you've done enough in the past month to wear anyone out!  So thankful to watch you pass milestones and to have a little boy with such a happy heart!  You sure have ours!

Mama & Daddy

Grant's 9 Month Update

Dear Grant,

It's hard to believe you are 9 months old already!  You've had a crazy month!  But you are always jolly and smiling through anything.  It's so sweet!

You've had a hard time napping as of late and I've had to lay down with you to get you to go to sleep.  We've been in the hotel for almost 6 weeks and I think you are ready to have your own place!

You are still in size 2 diapers and size 6-9 clothes.  We finally moved out of the hotel this month and into our house so you have your own room for the first time!  We went to the pool here in Italy for the first time and you got to wear your little swim cap!  It's so cute!!

Now that we are in our house you can actually take a bath!!  We've had to bathe you in the shower, which has been hard since you just started sitting up!  We got a small shipment of our items and thankfully I remembered to include your high chair and the duck bathtub.  You've loved getting to take a bath and we love getting to buckle you into the highchair instead of feeding you in the Bumbo seat!

At the beginning of the month you had your first ER visit.  Stafford accidentally stepped on your leg and you had a hairline fracture.  You were such a sweet patient and looked adorable in your cast.  You have always kicked your legs and I knew something was wrong when you were only kicking one.  Thankfully Mom and Val were here to help since Daddy was gone!  As soon as you had your cast on I could tell you felt much better!  Within a week you had kicked it off and were all better!

We love you so much dear boy.  You've been such a trooper during this crazy time!  So thankful for your easy going personality.  God certainly knew that you'd be the perfect addition to our family!!

Mama & Daddy

Monday, July 17, 2017

May & June 2016

neighborhood bikers

Little Climber

Soccer Star

The card Stafford picked out for his friend cute!

First Roller Skating Party

Watching big brothers soccer game

Mothers Day Flowers

Gymnast in the making

First & Last Day of Preschool....with his buddy Cash

Zoo Day

The family that recycles together.....

One of our favorite local playgrounds

Most Improved in soccer this year

Another favorite playground

Grant man....4 months along

She asked to sit in my lap to eat breakfast this day.  I figure this is the kind of thing that won't happen too often.  So I let her.

Went to Branson, MO to see the Titanic Museum


my little one is always bringing me her sweet heart


Helping with laundry

Playing at our friends' pool

The summer of Lego creations

Sweet Moments

Zoo Trip

She sat down and told me "I'm tired of walking"

Practicing his basketball

Making it official....becoming a family of six

9 kiddos and three on the way....our framily

VBS 2016

Date Night

Jeni's Ice Cream

Love it.  She runs out to get me "breakfast in bed"

Lego Chopped


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