Grant's 11 Month Update

Dear Baby Grant,

Clap clap clap!  Someone has a new trick!  You are clapping your hands and smiling all the while!  What a sweet boy you are!

You are still wearing 6-12 month clothes and the weather here is still warm so we are enjoying your cute summer outfits!  I think my boy clothes from 6-12 months might be my favorites and I am so glad you are getting to wear them too!  So many sweet memories in these little outfits.  You are wearing size three diapers and sleeping much better now that you are used to your crib!

We did more traveling this month and you loved visiting Lucca!  I think you would've stayed on the swing there for hours!  And the train ride!  You were so cute standing at the window and looking also got in your first visit to the beach!

You  are just starting to crawl and you also manage to get around by twirling your legs in circles.  You definitely aren't in a hurry to grow up and I'm ok with that.

Happy 11 months sweet boy!!  We love you!


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