Well this post is online a month and a half overdue!

In December we visited our local zoo for their Zoolights event!  We LOVE our zoo.  It's small but less than 10 minutes away so easy to do even when the boys an I have a couple of hours to kill after naptime.  We are definitely spoiled living so close!

I love the giant octopus on top of the aquarium.  Local legend says that lots of these creatures live in the ruins of the Narrows Bridge that collapsed in the 40s.  In the 60s they even had octopus wrestling here.  Google it...I'm not joking.

The best we could do for a shot of the 4 of us.  We handed my phone to the one person on earth who has never used an iphone before and she took about 70 shots by accident none of which included all four of us.

Oh wait...this one did...but you just can't tell because Reedster is fascinated with the lights.

Aren't they pretty?  When it is daylight you can see Mt. Rainier right over the top of the aquarium and also the sound to the left.  It is gorgeous!

Polar bears.  Stafford was really upset that none of the real animals were out.  He wasn't quite as impressed with the lit up version.

The aquarium is always a hit!

More lights!

I loved these rainbow bushes

Love this handsome little guy!!

There's a smile!!  His poor eye....he cut it when we were out to get ice cream earlier in the week.

My favorite

More lights....

S-man wanted to see this tree up close

We always spend time looking at the sharks

I don't even want him to get too big for this!

Mama and the Reedster

S-man sporting the cheeseface!!

We love this event!!  My best advice is to arrive 15 minutes or so before it opens that way you can ensure parking.  It was BUSY even after Christmas (we went around December 29).  


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