Grant's 1 Month Update

Dear Grant,

Buddy, you are officially a fourth child.  Mama is 1 month (plus a few days) late in posting this, although I did get your photo pretty close to your 1 month birthday!

It's pretty hard to imagine life without you little man.  This first month has flown by, as I expected it would.  The most discouraging part has been your ability to nurse.  I had hoped it would be something that would fix itself but we've had to consult the lactation services multiple times and so far we aren't seeing any progress.  You are however gaining weight like a champ now that you are taking a bottle.  You eat 3-4 ounces each feeding.  

You are sleeping well and a lot.  During that night you usually give us 3 hour stretches which is great for such a little guy.  You nap well during the day and don't seem to notice all of the noise that goes on in our house.

You are still in newborn clothes and newborn diapers.  I have to admit you are my first child that I don't dress each day.  Sometimes you have PJ day all day long!

Your hair is fabulous and you are the sweetest baby I can remember.  Your eyes are starting to turn a beautiful blue color and you have charmed everyone in our family.  What a sweet blessing you are Grant-man.  We love you!

Love, Mama


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