Thankfulness Tree

When I started this project I was super excited about it.  Although I still love the idea, losing my dear Grandaddy this month has honestly made being thankful a little harder than usual.  I loved him dearly and honestly he taught me a lot about thankfulness.  Everyone who knew him commented on his generous and giving spirit.  Everyone was thankful for him!  I guess I need to saddle up and start thinking thankful again!

So we will continue the thankfulness tree at our house until we run out of leaves!

I ordered our leaves on etsy this year because I'm learning that sometimes it is worth making things on my own and sometimes my time is worth more!  I was super pleased with them.  They came in 5 different colors.  Each day at dinner the three of us would say 1 thing we are thankful for.  I recorded the Little Guy's by writing his name on the back so I could save them and look back on the things he was thankful for each year.

So we could use it year after year I just quickly sketched and painted a tree.  I actually like the idea of using this year round because I think sometimes we forget to be thankful in the day to day.  As inspiring as it is to read "Thankful November" posts I want to challenge myself to have a thankful heart and attitude each day.

This is by far the thing I was most thankful for!  The Littlest Guy has finally started giving us some good nights of sleep.  I have to say that extra sleep improves my outlook on life exponentially!!

I encourage you to be thankful!  Even in the hard times it is the attitude that we should embrace and push ourselves to embody!


  1. I love the idea of using the thankful tree year long. I agree that it's nice to have it as a theme for November, but it really is something we should be doing all of the time.

    I found your blog through the Made in a Day social hop


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