This Kid....

This kid...

still wants to hold my hand.

helps me with the laundry.

somehow knows how to count to 8 in Spanish.

pulls my hair-tie out to play with my hair.

tell me "yes sir" when I ask him to do something.

says "Thank you so much Mommy" when I do something for him.

asked for ice cream for dinner.

grabs the iPad to call "Grandad" whenever he can.

tells me "just games" with a grin when he finds my cell phone.

looks at the sky and the ground and everywhere BUT both ways when we tell him to look.

can often be found hanging out in baby brothers crib.

wants to "wear crocs" every day.

wears his rain boots around the house.

knows all of his letters, shapes, colors and can count to 20.

can say hippopotamus correctly.

looks for Swiper the Fox everywhere we go.

thinks we might see a garbage truck, bulldozer, firetruck, or dumptruck each time we drive.

split his ice cream with me the other day without me asking for any.

sings "If You're Happy and You Know It"

absolutely melts my heart.


  1. Wow thats impressive , and mega cute :-) my boys always want to see" ne nah's" when we go out lol:-)

  2. I want to wear crocs every day

  3. Love this post! So nice and he is adorable. Love that he says, "yes, sir" to you! LOL ;-)

  4. Too adorable. My son is all about dump trucks, big trucks, cool cars, pretty much anything with wheels.

    New follower from the blog hop

  5. So sweet and I am impressed.

  6. My kids FaceTime their nana & papa all the time! I need to set a password because the other night our son woke up and started face timing them at 1100 at night lol

  7. Aw, so sweet!! What a cutie.


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