Show Me the Shape of Your Heart

I saw this picture on Pinterest and since we somehow have tons and tons of extra toilet paper rolls laying around I thought we'd give it a try!

When I did tried it looked like a heart.  When the Little Guy started...well that was another story.  I have to remember that if he is having fun it doesn't matter what it looks like!

Mere seconds after we started.

The paintbrush

Mama's side of the paper

Hard at work

Quite concerned about the color of his hands!!

Even though this didn't come out exactly as I had planned it was still fun and the Little Guy loved it.  We used Crayola Washable paint and it came right off of his hands and the table.  Maybe we'll try again next week and see if the outcome is a little cleaner!!

The Little Guy called this his "project" and asked all week to see his project or to do another project.  Guess I've got to actually start doing all those fun things I've pinned!


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