May & June 2015

Hard at work

Zoo visit

First visit to Ted Drewe's

Already loves to read!

First dinner outside at our new table!

Walking on the local path

Playtime isn't complete without a red onion, right?

So dainty in her play already

Panoramic of our basement at the first Illinois house

My hair went curly after having Kelsey

He loves wearing his "Daddy" shirt!

Day in St. Louis at the Botanical Gardens with Ma, Pa, Nola & Walker

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  Totally posed.  Totally gorgeous.

We LOVE the local splash park.  And it makes for awesome pictures

Drinking pickle juice...takes after his mama

We don't have a lot of hills around here but we definitely do the "hands up" whenever we can!

God sent me a lot of rainbows in 2015. A reminder that He wouldn't forget me

Facetiming with Ethan on his birthday

I remember them being deep in conversation here.  Not sure about what....just a picture for me of what they might look as teenage boys sitting around talking

Got to meet up with the Calton's for Father's Day lunch!!!

Helping me unload groceries

Maybe this cake started her love of pink?  Celebrated our sweet 1 year old with a Derby Style party

Grandad & Mimi visited for the weekend!!

Peter traveled a LOT our first year.  Thankfully we were able to tag along on this trip to Mississippi and visit Allison & Adam and friends in Florida as well.  We had such a great visit!

New Orleans (knocking LA, MS, AR, FL off of our states visited list on this trip!)

Mother's Day

We even got to stay a couple of days with Uncle Steven in Memphis.  Such a fun trip!


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