November and December 2014

Moving closer to home means we were able to visit more often.  Thankfully for these sweet visits we had in November and December!

Stafford & Schaeffer--6 months apart

Knox & Kelsey--6 months apart

My girl

Brotherly love--united by their love of the ipad

Bobo & Kelsey

Pretty sure this was prunes

Already wrestling Daddy

My inlaws have a gorgeous view of the sunset each evening

Definitely the middle of the "awkward photo" stage with three kids

Pulling up to a standing position for the first time!

First tooth coming in around 7 months (earliest kid so far!)

First time sitting in a high chair for dinner at.  At Cracker Barrell

I can't remember what he was watching but I LOVE watching him watch TV

Little musician

This was my favorite 6 month outfit of hers

Happy Birthday Daddy....try not to be so excited :)

Our first house here in Illinois and I think our first snow

Your great-aunt can't be as fun as hers

Breaking the wish-bone.  Before they broke it we told them to make a wish.  Stafford immediately turned and blew on the wishbone as hard as he could to make his 

Someday all three of us will be getting pedicures together

With her Namaw

This handsome!

Love this girl!

7 months going on 17

Throwing all of her pacis out each morning

Playground time

Found her asleep like this one day at naptime

Stafford giving us an Aaron Shust impersonation

Our tree 2014

5 coordinating stockings...each year will remind me of my sweet friend Mica who helped me make them for our family

She would stand here and listen to the boys play downstairs

S-man wanted to help feed her

One of my favorite pictures of her!

So fun to have bows!!

One wears the hat and one wears the apron...they love to help bake!

I call this second dinner.  She eats whatever is left in the highchair

Another one of my favorite outfits!  She rocks the leggings and t-shirt!

My guess is hugs for Mama on a day when Mama really needed it.  December 2014 was a HARD month.

Eating dinner on the way to TN for Christmas

Prettiest rest-stop you'll ever see!


Always wants to learn how to pump the gas with Daddy

Christmas Eve service

Cookie decorating

In our Mimi Christmas pjs

Uncle Steven's infamous Christmas entrance....

My cuddle bug

Playground fun with our friends the Browns in TN

Bonfire at KK & Uncle Ben's house

worn out from so much Christmas dinner

Favorite Christmas present!

Reed wanted to go here and "get some starfish"

Practicing for "Hat Day"

Happy New Years!!


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