Monday Miscellany

1. PBS

All of the sudden there is all this buzz about a "new" show called Downton Abbey.  Have you seen it?  My parents AND friends are watching it so it must be good.  I've added it to my "todo" list for February and March during the big countdown.

2. Pitiful

My child is absolutely pitiful right now.  He has a horrible case of Hand-Food-Mouth AND Impetigo.  He literally sat in my lap for 2 hours the other night and even fell asleep there.  Not something that is normal for my almost 18-month old!  We went to the doctor today, where he was thrilled to see the fish in the aquarium, got our official diagnosis and then started our antibiotics.  Hoping for a quick recovery for my Little Guy!!

3. More Words

I can't help but get excited when the Little Guy adds things and skills to his repertoire.  The past couple of weeks he has started asking me to "carry you" when he wants me to carry him down the stairs.  He also asks for "Help" when he needs it.  I started coaching him on this a long time ago to avoid crying or whining when he wasn't able to complete a task.  The other morning his foot was stuck in the high chair and instead of yelling about it he just looked at me and said "help!"  It was awesome! 

4. Countdown

I love it that my good friend Amanda is starting all of her texts now with "no baby yet".  That time of anticipation once you know birth is right around the corner is so fun!!  I can't wait to get the text that isn't prefaced with the "sorry no baby" disclaimer!!

5. Madness

Speaking of babies, apparently there was one born in a hospital elevator during a power outage because of the snowfall in the Seattle-Tacoma area this week.  When I was pregnant with the Little Guy my boss used to joke that I better not go into labor during rush hour in Charleston because I'd have to have him on the side of one of the bridges on 526.  This makes me wonder, what do people who live in real cities do?  I mean, if you need to get the airport NOW in LA or Houston what do you do?  I don't think the 3 miles I live from our hospital will matter this next time around...unless of course that was the hospital with the power outage!

6. Packing Puzzle

I'm getting ready to have to get 10 weeks worth of Christmas presents, birthday presents and "I miss my husband let's shop for the new baby" stuff into 2 suitcases and a bag.  Clearly this isn't going to happen.  I need to do a practice round early this week so I can figure out how many boxes I have to ship.  I would show you the picture of the "we miss Daddy" shopping piles but it is slightly embarrassing.

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!!  It's my second to last on the East Coast and I'm getting excited about returning "Home"!!

Here is my sweet little guy before he was attacked by all kinds of skin madness!


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