Little Guy has had a sad case of Impetigo and Hand-Foot-Mouth this week.  Poor little thing!  We've been stuck inside, not that we'd really be going outside since it is cold, and he seems fine but Mama is a little ready to get out of the house!

We have been playing with blocks a lot lately.  He likes me to build the towers and then he knocks them down.  He does stack them but of course prefers the demolition.

He also found a stool in the guest room and wants to stand on it to look "outside".  He seems to enjoy the view into our neighbors yard.  At this point whatever make him happy!!

I'm loving his look of concentration!

I'm loving how precise he tries to be!

I'm really loving those chubby fingers!

I'm loving how he knocks all the blocks down and then wants to build again!

I'm loving how the window to outside is so fascinating!

I'm loving how he loves to explore!

I'm loving that he is feeling better!!!

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  1. Poor little guy. It seems like he's enjoying himself in spite of being sick. I hope he's better very soon!

  2. i'm always amazed at how kids can still be up and about even when they are sick. if i'm sick...i want to be in bed!


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