A Perfect Day

I have to admit I had super mixed feelings about yesterday.  I'm stressed anytime I have a flight.  And that is without a Little Guy.  A very squirmy, wants to be "down" all the time Little Guy.  Knowing that I had a 3 hour layover followed by a 5, yes 5, hour flight was a little stressful.  I guess it was good because it kept me from getting too over emotional at saying goodbye to my parents.  I know that I'll see them in 3 short months when Littlest Guy arrives.  But they have been so supportive and helpful as I have navigated the "forced single parenthood" for the last 4 months.  

We're back home now with 60ish days to go.  And seriously I'm not sure this day could have been more perfect.  Well let's rewind to yesterday.  Could my long flight have been any better?  On our way to the East Coast back in November I was 17 weeks pregnant and barely showing.  We sat mushed between the window and two burly men and tried to keep busy.  This time we were so blessed to have two seats.  I thought the Little Guy would sleep for at least half of the flight but he only slept for 45 minutes.  I had my arsenal of Nook apps, books, snacks and a truck magazine procured at Walmart on the way to the airport. (We are REALLY into trucks!)  It was still a long 5 hours but seriously he was a champ.  

Our friend Ali picked us up at the airport and helped us get our luggage inside.  Little Guy was SO tired by then that we went straight to be around 7pm PST.  I figured we'd have an early morning today but he slept after 8!  So hopefully we are back on Pacific time!

We started the day with pancakes and milk that we picked up at the McDonald's drive-thru last night!  Then the mail came bringing 3 of our packages that we mailed last week.  There were clothes, Christmas presents and lots of books!  S spent the morning re-discovering our house and toys and I started cleaning.  I cleaned out our "3rd" bedroom (not sure you can really call it that since I think it is really a walk-in closet) and measured it to make sure a crib will fit.  Little Guy will sleep there until he and Littlest Guy are ready to be on the same sleep schedule.  Then I started in on organizing our bedroom and the boys' room.  It's still a work in progress but I feel like I got 2 weeks of work done this morning.

After the mail came we started anticipating our first grocery delivery!  I decided to give it a try this time so I wouldn't have to run out and get groceries today.  It was fabulous!!  They didn't have two items but we weren't charged of course.  After a little lunch we got another delivery!!  Sweet flowers from a sweet husband and Daddy!
Top all of this off with a gorgeous sunrise and hopefully a win by the CATS tonight and I'm not sure it could get more perfect given the circumstances!  I'm so thankful!!  The last 10 weeks at home, at my in-laws and visiting friends has been amazing.  But we are so excited to actually start life out here in Washington.  And we can't wait until we get to do it with Daddy and Baby Brother!!

Please excuse my iphone quality pictures today.  It's an iphone picture kind of day!  This first picture is of 1 of the mountains of clothing to be taken upstairs.  My suitcases were too heavy to carry so  I did load after load in the laundry basket.  I'll try to get a better picture of my gorgeous flowers tomorrow!


  1. Glad things seem to be looking up!! Moving can be so hectic especially with little ones in tow!!

  2. you are a champ taking on 10 weeks away from home, a LONG flight, and then the unpacking and cleaning process all while pregnant! i took my kids on a 6 hour car trip solo last summer....but at least i had ye olde dvd player and the option to pull over and let them run around a park or something. and...i was the only person they could drive crazy so i didn't have to worry about any other passengers. my hat is off to you!~


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