52 Weeks of NEW Food

I have to admit, I have been in a cooking rut for about 2 years.  Seriously.  Apparently I'm in a blogging rut too because I haven't been updating regularly since the K-girl was born.  In order to get myself out of this run my friend Mica and I have agreed we will cook one new recipe a week for the next year.  And we are going to share them with you!

I got a pass for the first couple of weeks since I had recipes planned so here are some of our old favorites!  

This is so easy to whip up on a busy weekday night.  Just purchase a roasted chicken when you are at the store!

This is my number one pinned recipe.  It's kid friendly, easy and super yummy! 

You can me at artichokes & soup!

This is a family favorite of Peters.  I haven't mastered it yet (I don't bake too often with yeast) but I'm willing to keep trying!

This is one of my favorites to make when I'm taking a meal to someone.  It's easy to double so we can have it at our house and it warms up beautifully!  Beans, pasta and yummy white sauce!  You can substitute cream cheese for the mascarpone to make it a little more cost friendly.

Yummy.  Pretty.  Easy.  Enough said.

I keep the ingredients for this one in the house at all times.  Just 5 of them!  It's a crowd pleaser but kind of unassuming so there always seems to be leftovers when I take it for an event.  Peter and the kids are never mad about that!

Can't wait to start sharing more of our family favorites with you!!  

Most of my cooking involved little fingers taste testing!!


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