3rd Quarter Top Photos

Everyday I tell myself I am going to pick up my camera and take more pictures.  Thank goodness for Instagram otherwise my poor children would never be on film.  I've found taking pictures with two while trying to fit in everyday life is hard!!

This is one of my favorites ever.  This is my Little Guy and his cousin.  They are BFF.  Trying to get them to take a nice picture was comical.  I love their expressions and of course their cute matching outfits courtesy of my sister.

My Littlest Guy.  This is how he is most of the time.  Sweet, smiling and irresistable.  This is why people have tons of kids!

This is the Little Guy "sharing" with the baby.  Hmm...we need to work on that!

My Little Guy turned 2 in August.  I feel like he transitioned from baby to big boy all of the sudden.  He speaks in sentences, climbs tall play structures and says "excuse me" when we pass someone.  Sometimes I miss the cow saying "boo".

I just love this moment.  I didn't take it but I love it that he still loves to hold my hand.  And that we got to share this special adventure together.

Linking up with the sweet ladies!!  Every quarter you can share your photos too!  Make sure you check out each of their blogs as well.  They are super cute!


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