The Last Hurrah

I mentioned in my post Monday that I planned to start the Whole30 today.  If by today you thought I meant tomorrow then you are correct.  Honestly I really didn't start today because I had some leftover feta cheese in the fridge and I REALLY wanted to make an enormous batch of that Watermelon-Feta-Avocado Salad that I posted about over the weekend.  I came home from a sweat inducing stroller fitness (I'm not joking here, these ladies are the real deal!) excited to make my salad.  I cut open the watermelon and it was bad.  I'm 0/2 for watermelons this week.  So in order to celebrate my last day of food freedom we walked down to a little cafe about a mile from our house for dinner tonight.  

I had a wonderful meal that included everything I would want to eat....bread, cheese, diet coke and chocolate.  

We ordered the "Pot du Creme" which is a favorite of mine.  For you Charlestonians who adore the chocolate pudding at the Hominy Grill it tastes just like that.  

The waitress brought out the dish and the Little Guy literally yelled at the top of his lungs...


It might have been embarrassing if it weren't so darn funny.  The look of sheer joy on his face as he ate as much whipped cream and chocolate as he could was priceless.  He kept pulling the plate closer and closer and getting up on his knees so he could get every last bit of chocolate out of that ramekin.  It made me smile.  

Enjoying his "cake"

It was as divine as it looks!

I made Peter snap a picture of my "last hurrah".  Here goes something tomorrow!

I'll be posting about my Whole 30 journey and that will include the ups and downs (hopefully less of those!) and recipes that are Whole 30 compliant.  Peter is going to take some "before" pictures for me which I MIGHT share if there is some significant improvement and he is hiding the scale.  One of the rules is you aren't permitted to weight yourself for the whole 30 days.  I'm more apt to cheat on that then I am with eating food.  So one last "before" in the am and here we go!!!


  1. You an do it, Lautra! I'm excited to follow your progress.

  2. Good luck! I've heard it's amazing.


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