Miscellany Monday-Labor Day Edition

We are in major vacation mode at our house.  My sweet Pete got back from a work related trip and had a couple of days off.  Combine that with the Labor Day holiday and we have had 6 glorious days to spend together.  Amazing!

We spent 3 days on a little road trip to Oregon.  It used to be my goal to visit all 50 states by the time I turned 30.  Hmm.  That is clearly not going to happen.  I know you are thinking, oh you still have time, and for that I love you.  But sadly readers that time has past!  Maybe I'll put it on my "before I turn 40 list" that I haven't made.  But I did get to mark 1 off and that leaves me with 6.  I also got to do something else AMAZING but that is for another post.

Speaking of lists.  Peter insists that in order to accomplish goals I should write them down.  He is both excellent and not-so-excellent (as we all are) at accomplishing goals so I'm not sure I should trust him.  Just kidding.  I did write my goals down.  I'm not sure I'm ready to share all of them here but I can at least share that I did it.  And maybe when I meet some of them I'll be willing to share.

I just love my boys.  All three of them.  Random but that's why this is miscellaneous.

I blogged last week about the Little Guy and his favorite animals.  He had such a ball at the Portland Zoo.  I thought he was going to meltdown when we had to leave the elephants but we managed to distract him with promises of a tiger.  I don't think we saw tigers but we did see Ocelots which he called "baby Jaguars" over and over again.  He is obsessed with "Baby Jaguar" from the "Go Diego Go" show.  I'm not much for cartoon characters.  I believe they are for PJs, sheets and undies.  If you like them that doesn't mean we can't be friends.  But my kids don't wear them.  Anyway....I've already bought Diego underwear with the hope that the Little Guy will use the potty sometime soon. And I have to admit that I watch him the whole time he watches Diego.  The smile on that little face lights up like the fourth of July.

If you haven't tried this recipe for Mixed Berry Cobbler you should.  We went berry picking by our house last week.  The bushes here are out of control.  I mean it literally breaks my heart to see all the berries I can't reach.  Anyway...I suggest adding just a touch more vanilla than the recipe calls for.  The result is divine.  I'd post a picture but we ate it all.

I keep saying I'm having a giveaway and I am.  I just have to finish the post.  I promise!  Also this week I'll post the recipe for a Pinterest Cookie I tried out AND the real reason why we went to Oregon.  Hope you'll come back to find out!

Have a FABULOUS week!!!


  1. Aww that's so great that you get to spend some quality time together! Cute pics!

  2. Thank you so much for linking up to Travel Tuesday @ Family Food and Travel.


  3. Reed is too cute! I love staring at his little face on the wall space where we display birth announcements. :)
    Looking forward to hearing about your Portland trip. It's on our "list" (which is about 10 miles long, incidentally).


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