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I'm aging myself for real here but I have to say I'm so sad I missed my 10 year college reunion this week.  I also missed the 95th year celebration of my sorority.  I guess the good news is that my 15 year and 100th year celebrations will coincide.  Hopefully I'll be able to make those.

Aren't we adorable?  10 points if you can find me!
I have to stay that joining a sorority in college was one of the best decisions.   I keep up with at least 1/2 if not more of these girls in this picture alone (and this was just one year).  They have supported me through ups and downs and I love them all!


Have you entered my giveaway?  If you know someone who is a Mommy, Daddy, pregnant, loves kids or loves their husband than you'll want to enter!!  It still has fairly low entries and we are giving away 3 different sets!


If you are a chocolate & mint person you MUST check out the Creme de Menthe brownies I posted yesterday.  They are one of my favorite desserts ever.  


We took the kids to the fair this week.  I have to say I love looking at life through my babies eyes.  Watching the Little Guy ride his first "roller coaster" with his buddy Ethan was priceless.  He's been telling us that he rode a helicopter and a BIG tiger.  However when I ask him what animals he saw (expecting chicken, sheep etc) he says polar bear, beaver and tiger.  

Um, also how cute does he look in his little flannel shirt??


I don't have much to report yet on my Whole 30 challenge.  I'm finished with Day 4 as of Sunday evening.  So far I am hungry.  I'm not sure if I'm not eating enough or not eating the right things.  You are supposed to only have 1-2 servings of fruit a day and traditionally that is what I would snack on.  So I will keep working on it.  I will say that I have not been tempted to cheat--even when faced with a MASSIVE and YUMMY looking chocolate cake tonight.  

What have I learned?

Sugar is in everything.  Things that you wouldn't think of have sugar.  It's super annoying.  

I miss my scale more than I miss chocolate.  I am an obsessive weigher.  I don't know why because they numbers don't change that often but I'm kind of glad that the challenge encourages you to weigh yourself at the end of the month.  Peter hid the scale so I have no clue!

I don't want to eat like this forever...but I don't want to eat like I did before.  More on that later.


I hope you have an awesome Monday!  We are filling our week with swimming class, stroller fitness, picture taking, MOPS and new recipes!

If you are  new follower welcome!!!


  1. I've asked my hubs to hide the scale, too - then I miss it! So hard to go w/o sugar! But we feel so much better when we don't have it! We've gone to eating sugar only on Saturday for over a year now - great health benefits!

    But I really, REALLY enjoy Saturday!

  2. I honestly didn't even think about college reunions, guess you don't hear about them as much. Mine will be in 2 years so who knows. Also, I do agree with you about joining a sorority. I know many people judge and criticize about it and whatnot but I do believe it was one of the best things about college :)

  3. Joining a sorority was the best thing I EVER did. I met my husband through a sorority sister ;)


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