The Truth Behind the Trip

Ever since I can remember I've had a picture of a waterfall that I kept in a folder.  I tore it out of a National Geographic in art class sometime I middle school I think.  I thought it looked like the most beautiful place on earth.

I don't know why but at the time I never read the article.  I just assumed the waterfall was in some exotic location like Bora Bora or maybe Hawaii.  Still, it seemed pretty far fetched that I would ever get to see it in person.  Until I realized it was in Oregon.  And we live in Washington.  

So we started planning this trip to Oregon and then I remembered the picture.  And of course Peter agreed so we set off to fulfill a childhood dream.

And it was SO worth it.

I was getting a little nervous on the drive.  It was 2 hours through a beautiful forest but totally out in the middle of nowhere.  I kept wondering if it would be as pretty as the picture and if Peter would be annoyed that we had driven so far to see it.

We got there and had a picnic.  There were a few cars parked along the side of the road and a bathroom/outhouse that was well maintained.  We started the hike.  After a while we could hear the water.  I was seriously so excited.  And then all of the sudden we could see it.  And it was beautiful. And I cried!!  Can you believe that?  Not big alligator tears or anything but I was seriously emotional about this waterfall!

Isn't it majestic?  These pictures do not even come close to capturing this experience.  My new goal is to get better and better at photography so I can come back here one day and take a frame-worthy shot.  Google "National Geographic Proxy Falls Oregon" to see more shots!  This place was amazing.

This Little Guy got SO dirty on our trek.  But he was such a trooper!  The hike was through lava fields and there were lots of rocks and stones along the path.  He hiked almost the whole way by himself and clearly got a little dirty in the process.  This was before he started jumping in puddles around the falls.  Clearly this Mama needs to dress her children in colors other than white when we are going to be traipsing about the woods.

Just another view.  I love it!

This was the perfect day.  We left the falls and went swimming at the pool at our hotel.  I did a load of laundry to try and get the massive amount of mud off of our clothes!  

If you are ever in Western Oregon I highly suggest you get off the beaten path and visit Proxy Falls. The hike was easy and the falls are breathtaking.

It was totally worth waiting over 15 years to see!!


  1. Great photos and a great story to go along with it! So funny that you had the photo for so long before you realized how close you really were to it! Found you at the Weekly Photo Show and Tell at Small Things With Love.

  2. How fun! It's so neat that you were able to see something you thought you would never see! The falls look just beautiful.

    I found your link on the Travel Tuesday link-up. Glad I did!

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  3. I have another blog friend who recently visited those falls recently, so pretty! (Her blog is if you are looking to connect with other PNW bloggers!). My son also has that tractor shirt, I love it!

  4. What a fun story! I especially like the last picture of your little guy! I am so happy you linked up to the Photo Show and tell last week and we all got to share in this. I hope to see you linking up again this week. The topic is "photographer's choice" and it will be live later tonight!

    Thanks again,


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