Monday, October 3, 2011

Mathematical Equation

Math has never been my strong subject.  However this "mandatory work away from home for six months" in addition to the "mandatory move across the country even if you don't want to" adjustments we're making have me even more mathematically confused.

I'm getting used to the 3 hour time difference.  The only time it's really annoying is late at night when I want to talk to someone.  Thankfully I have a dear friend in Alaska that I can call on as well as new friends here in Washington.

But what is really killing me is this whole 10 hours thing with Peter.  I  know, I know all I have to do is subtract 2 hours from the time it is here now and then that is what time it is for him.  Except 12 hours ahead.  Easy right?  Well I can't keep it straight.  I keep subtracting 2 hours from the wrong time and getting all mixed up.

So I've done my first "mandatory work separation" shopping!!

How awesome is this??  It was clearly made for me and just calling my name.  I can set the top clock to "Peter time" and the bottom clock to my time!  Fabulous!!  It should be coming in the mail on the 8th.  Now is that the 8th your time or my time?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Little Climber

Little Guy is really into climbing.  He likes to go "up" and then get back down.  And then repeat.  All day long.  He can now get off the couch or our bed unassisted.  He can also climb up on our new little loveseat in our sunroom.  He likes to climb up there and look out the windows.  Well, he likes to bang on the windows, I'm not sure how much looking he is doing!

Here is a picture of him on the loveseat the other day.  Look at that little belly!!


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