Monday, September 29, 2014

Eulers Go East--Day 2

After a short drive we stopped at the Tillamook Creamery.  I wasn't familiar with Tillamook cheese until we moved West but here it is all the rage!  They make anything with milk, better.  Cheese, ice cream, yogurt.  Yum!

The factory was small but you were able to see some of the packaging and production.  The boys (especially Stafford) thought it was awesome.  Stafford pointed out the conveyer belt (thanks Mighty Machines) and we watched the cheese go through the factory.  Then we sampled cheese and ice cream.

Peter and I are both suckers for a good view.  We probably stopped more than the average traveler to look at the scenic overlooks but that's ok!  The Oregon Coast was simply breathtaking.

We had the best of intentions on Day two but after way less driving than we planned we had to stop.  The seating arrangement and frequent stops were making for a loud and slow trip!  We stopped in Newport and after checking in to our ocean view hotel headed downtown to check out the sea lions!

Sunset before dinner

S-man now loves sunsets as much as I do.  He will always agree to "chase the sun" when I want to go out at night to find a good place to see the sunset.

Love my big guy!!

Two days on the road and it already kind of felt like two hundred.  Traveling with three little ones is no joke!

Eulers Go East Days 1 & 2

I had the best of intentions.  Blogging our trip each day.  Exercising at night on the road.  I even packed my yoga mat.

Now that you've stopped laughing here are the highlights of our trip.  I'm currently writing a "how to travel with small children" post where I'll share the nitty gritty.  Because honestly most of the trip was that.  I chose to skip the pictures of screaming children and granola bar encrusted car seats.

So sit back and enjoy because despite the craziness we sure did!

We left our house on Monday September 15th.  I started the day by backing into a car in a parking lot.  Not exactly how I envisioned our departure. We had a sweet morning and the boys spent time with our neighbors as I took care of last minute details.  Before lunch we made one last trip to our playground with our dear friends and tried to hold back the tears as we said goodbye.  Fail.  

We left around 2pm and in true fashion we didn't have a hotel reservation.  I assumed we wouldn't have much trouble since school was in session and summer was over.  Thankfully we were able to get a wonderful room at The Lighthouse Inn in Cannon Beach.  It was such a blessing after such an emotional morning and week!

We wanted to walk on the beach that night but hunger won.  We got a quick bite and then headed back to the hotel.  I was pretty excited to find that the huge tub had jets AND they provided bath salts.  After 3 years of living in a house where the tub was too small and the water never got hot I was so very grateful.  

We got up the next morning and had a sumptuous breakfast.  Then we headed to walk on the beach!

I bought Stafford a "spotting scope" and Reed a pair of binoculars for the trip.  They were a hit!

And could that mustache jacket be any cuter?  He loves it!

Cannon Beach was beautiful.  It is a favorite vacation spot of some of our favorite people from Tacoma so it was fun to go there in person.  West Coast beaches are gorgeous and we just marveled at the fact that there were mountains (hills?) right there on the beach!  

Haystack Rock.  Of Goonies fame.

I loved seeing the reflection of the rocks in the water.  

Scoping out the rock from afar.

I finally figured out how to use the panoramic option on my phone.  Prepare for panormia!! (Apparently that's a word because spell check didn't check it.  I thought I had made one up and I was really excited.  You know like panoramic-mania.  Darn!)

A view of the beach looking south from the rock.

Reedster loved his binoculars.  He kept holding them up and saying "Say Cheese!"  

When we say Haystack for the first time Reed looked at it and said, "That's a big rock!"

We spent all morning here and then headed South on Highway 101!


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