Monday, May 4, 2015

Tuesday's Treasury

I've missed posting my miscellaneous moments on Mondays.  I did it for a couple of years and it really helped me capture the little things that I wanted to remember.  Those are some of my favorite posts to go back and read because they truly show what life is like at our house!

I've decided to bring it back but on Tuesdays.  It will be a treasury of moments (get the book allusion?)

Why am I posting on Monday this week?  Mostly because it's my blog and I can't wait.  Maybe I'll do one Monday AND Tuesday this week.  Every story needs a rebel right?

I've been getting a little nostalgic as we approach this kiddo's birthday.  He was the motivation behind this little space.  I wanted a place to share what life was like as a family of three.  Now here we are 5 years later and I just can't believe how big he is getting.  Today I gave him a couple of letter cookies since he SO politely asked!  I told him I wished he had an O because then we could spell boy.  That little creative kid said...can't we just use your cracker as an O?  So he got my cracker too!

It's no secret I've been missing Washington.  My feelings deserve more than a paragraph so I'll just say the transition has continued to be hard for me.  Nights like this make it better.  I've challenged myself to look for everyday beauty here.  It's not always nature, but when it is I get a little flutter in my stomach.  I love the way God loves on me.  Meets me where I am.  Do you see I love you written in the skies too?  Let's be friends!

I like to moderately go all out for the kids' first birthday.  Pinterestish worthy.  I found that as I was creating bits and pieces for her party that it really made me feel alive.  Not sure how to explain that in words yet.  

There is a commercial on TV right now that says "DIY is in our DNA".  And I think they are right.  Maybe?  Creating feels good.  Not sure what that means for me in terms of what I'm going to create but I'm excited to explore the concept more fully.  I'll be posting lots of recipes and what I did to prep for Little Girl's Derby Day party!

Speaking of that girl.  She is already following in her brother's footsteps.  Found her in the pantry the other day munching on piles of raisins!

We went to KY a couple of weekends ago and I had the chance to look at all of the pictures and journals my Mom saved when my Namaw moved out of her house.  Wow oh wow!!!  I can not WAIT to get back and dig into this one.  It's a journal from 1917, in perfect condition.  It chronicles my great-grandma's wedding day!!

Doesn't everyone from 1-100 play with silly string at their birthday party?  You are missing out my friends.  Missing out.  That's my Dad by the way.  No mercy.

Why did I include this random picture? I love how it perfectly illustrates how my business fits into my life.  It's not the focus of the shot.  It doesn't overwhelm it.  It's just a part.

I've been a part of Rodan + Fields for almost 2 years now and it continues to bless our family in so many ways.  I wish I could sit down with each and every one of you and share why I love it so much.  It's helped me develop new and meaningful friendships.  It's given me a confidence in myself that I sometimes felt was lost after being "just" a stay at home mom.  (Obviously I say that in jest because Mommying is one of the hardest jobs out there...but I think you know what I mean.)  It's given us disposable income.  It's enabled us to help others.  And honestly?  It's super fun!!!

I can't WAIT to share with you my May adoption family.  Their story is incredible.  I'll be running some HUGE incentives this month because I want to support them in an amazing way!

If you have been thinking about RF...being a customer...being a consultant...or even just being a connector and telling you friends about it, I would LOVE to talk to you.  Email me!  laura_euler at  I'll send you a free mini-facial and put you into a drawing for a free Essentials product. Who doesn't like free stuff?

Hope you enjoyed this little treasury.  These are really the moments we live for.  The everyday.  The reality.  It's just like a storybook.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kelsey's Room

Well after almost 7 months I have finally finished this little space. It's my favorite room in the house and it was so fun to decorate!

Got my crafting skills out and made this banner thanks to encouragement from a sweet Instagram friend! Love how it turned out and it was so easy! Rug is a bath mat from Marshalls!

Kelsey's bonnets from Beaufort Bonnet and a dress that was mine growing up. Heart hoop is by Canfield House and print by Brave Little Taylor. 

Bear and quilt is made by Ashley of Heartmade Life. Scripture card is byMelissa  Beaver and the print in the wall is one of my favorite by Lindsey from Pen & Paint. The cute little elephants are by Carkandesign. 

I bought the chest at a flea market for a steak and my Dad painted it for me. 

Isn't that little elephant adorable? My friend Sarah from Sarahmade Creations sent me that! It's paired next string art I found at Target. The initial colors were horrible so I painted it to match!  I got these letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them as well. 

This mirror was another flea market find. I painted the edges white and then wrapped a string of lights from World Market in gold ribbon. Then I attached then to the frame. I love how this turned out!

Here is the other side! String art and "love" sign above the mirror were both crafts we did in MOPS this year. The print is by Brave Little Taylor and the hoop with Keleey's name is by Amy Kavelaris. Isn't it gorgeous?

I just love her little space! 

February-April 2014

Still playing catchup.  This might be the longest post ever.

Ma & Valvalval came to town to visit.  Bath hair is Ma's speciality.  

She clearly missed her calling.

I awesome?

The view from our bedroom window never gets old

I've never seen so many rainbows!  Spring 2014 was a gorgeous time.

We walk along the waterfront any chance we get.  The boys love all the exploring they get to do and we love the view.  

The boys think the "couch bed" is the greatest thing ever.  They want me to unfold it every single day.

Face after his first Oreo

Reedster wasted no time here...

Love all the quirks and special spots in our Tacoma house

And again with the view from our bedroom window

Another waterfront walk

One of my favorite pictures ever!

Baby Millie!

Date day with the Reedster while S is at school

Oh the PNW flowers!

Ice cream date

Tiny little guy!  Almost 2!

That mountain.  Always showing off.

More waterfront love!

Dr. Suess day at school

Titlow Park

Train lover!

ready for the CATS to play

Someone else likes the state puzzle too!

Fox Island Beach...this is what the boys think of when you say beach

It was SO COLD that day!

Our little neighborhood. Like out of a Storybook.  Seriously.

Hiking in Puget Park.

Looking up from the gulch.  If you look close enough you can see a 17 flying over

Our bridge from below

Cuddles from this guy are rare...I'll take what I can get!

BFFs for life.  Enjoying Tides with our favorites!

Surprise surprise...more waterfront walking!

This site never gets old.  Seeing those plane fly overhead is so comforting!


Baby girl liked to hang out on my left side.  

The colors this day were the most beautiful I've ever seen!


Love this shot to remind me of our house

We spent a lot of time looking at buses and trucks going by

One last waterfront walk before baby arrives!

This was just a few days before Kelsey arrived

Today is the big day!!!!

If you are still reading let's be best friends.  Because that was a LOT of pictures!


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