Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Monday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

1. Weather Blues

I have to admit for the most part I am completely digging this PNW weather.  We get way more sun than the rumors give us credit and I never, ever sweat.  You can't beat that!  We had a beautiful day yesterday and we had a couple of weeks of full sun in March and April so I can't complain.  But as I'm reading everyone's facebook statuses about their weekend fun in the sun I have to admit I'm a tiny bit jealous!

2. Sick Boys

[Both of my sweet boys are sick.  It breaks my heart to hear the coughing and grosses me out to do the nose wiping.  Why? I HATE kleenex.  Actually I hate most paper products in general. And what really gets me is when they are wet.  It's a long story that goes back to being forced to clean my hampster's cage as a child  I won't go into any more detail but I seriously only keep napkins in the house for guests.  And before you ask, yes I use toilet paper.

3. Family Fun

My wonderful in-laws are here to visit this week.  Little Guy was super excited to see Mimi and Grandad!  We've been touring Tacoma and yesterday we visited Pike's Market in Seattle.  I've been craving some really good food (we've found the culinary scene here in Tacoma to be lacking, especially compared to the food mecca that was Charleston) and we got it!  Clam chowder, crab cakes, marionberry vatrushka.....I'll start my diet tomorrow.

4. Speaking of...

My sugar free month.  Yeah, oops!  Kinda slipped up on that one.  It's really hard with family in town so I'm going to give it a try again once we go back to "normal".  I'm also going to give it a go at being dairy free.  Littlest guy seems to have tummy troubles so I'm hoping this might help.

5. New-Old Friends

Our newest friends in the area are some of our oldest couple friends!  We are so fortunate to have a number of friends that have made the cross-country move and live near us here!  We met up with our new neighbors (they only live 1 mile from us!!) for a picnic in the park on Friday evening.  It was a beautiful day and don't you know as soon as we arrived it started raining.  Since we are now true North Westerners we had our picnic in the rain.  We waited it out and it ended up being beautiful.

Thankful today for a day to reflect on the sacrifice of so many through the years so that I can have the freedom to eat pastry at the market and picnic in the rain.  Especially thankful for my brother in law and sweet husband who currently serve and our many friends that we've been blessed to serve alongside!

Happy Memorial Day Monday!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta-friday Insta-fun!

I can't decide if Instagram is my greatest enemy or new BFF.  I've been taking lots of pictures but they are all with my phone!!  It is nice to be able to catch life moments but next week I really hope to have Insta-photos and my big girl camera photos as well!!

I haven't figured out how to add a fancy "follow me" button but you can find me on Instagram at kybelle18.

We are into art supplies.  And if by 'into' you think I mean "we love to eat them" then you are correct.  I can not wait for the day that we decide to actually use art supplies for the purpose for which they were created.
Also please note the non-matching pajamas.  Balls and trucks.  Two people were involved in this dressing decision, none of which are me.

I let this guy pick out a new toy this week.  He choose this puzzle.  He has carried around the school bus all week.  As you can see from these pajamas (I swear we wear things other than pajamas in this house!) we are very into transportation!
Peter sometimes asks me how I spent my afternoon.  As often as I can....just like this!

You can NEVER have enough pacifiers!

Sometimes when we are in a hurry...aka we have to be somewhere before 10 am....the Little Guy eats his breakfast in the bathroom cupboard.  He thinks it is saves me win!
Most days this week have been a cup of coffee needed days.

We may be living in the Pacific Northwest but we haven't forgotten our southern roots!

LOVE this little man!!

And this one!  Who sadly isn't so little anymore!

Again...the perfect afternoon!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life Lenses

If you have any type of "i" device you've probably joined the masses and started using Instagram. And if you haven't, you should!! It's such a fun way to share photos and it's free editing software.

I've been thinking a lot about cameras lately. Or camera technology. You know I took a photography class and loved it. I'm saving for a new lens. I love the one I have but it's hard to use in small spaces. Sometimes I can't get everyone in the picture. It's leaving me feeling like I'm up against a wall. Because, well, I am! Either that or standing on a chair or toilet or somewhere else weird. Sometimes regardless of how awesome the shot could be it just doesn't make sense.

Isn't the Christian life like that? Sometimes no matter how great something is we can only see a part of it. We decide it doesn't look as appealing or interesting. We don't want to participate because we can't see the fun. Or it looks too dark or scary.

What we can't see is the whole picture. We're too busy rejecting small pieces and deciding how WE think the picture should look.

The good news? We don't have to save up to pay for a new life lens. They are free!! If your lens is cracked or clouded by doubt, fear, self-ambition, pride or some other picture altering junk, get a new one!

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; 23 to be made new in the attitude of your minds; 24 and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness
Ephesians 4:22-24

I have to constantly examine my heart and motives. I have to constantly remind myself that when I don't like part of the picture that I am only seeing a small part. I have to let the Lord edit my life! I want to be new in the attitude of my mind. I encourage you to ask the Lord for the same!!

**see what you can do with Instagram! Looks like a new picture! I know that isn't technically a lens illustration but hopefully you get my point!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stafford's 21 Month Update

Dear Stafford,

You are 21 months old.  It is hard to believe that the next time I write an update about you it will be your second birthday!  It is still fascinating to me to watch you grow and change.  You are a bundle of energy and already seem so big to me! (until I remember that I still have to change your diapers!)

You are still wearing size 4 diapers and your 18-24 month clothes.  Some of them have started to get small because you are tall and have long arms.  You weight around 30 pounds.  This was a lot of weight for Mommy to lug up and down the stairs while Daddy was gone so we are extra glad to have his help!

You were SO excited to have your Daddy come home.  We met him at the airport and you knew who he was right away.  You are very concerned in the mornings when he isn't here and Mommy has to remind you that he has gone to work.

Your vocabulary has exploded in the last few months.  Some of your new words are all the strawberry, truck, thank you, right back, bubble, bigbee (bus), airplane, train, choo choo, slide, mountain, tunnel, cheese and firetruck.  You are really into all things transportation.  When we drive here we often see the water, trains, trucks, buses and boats.  You point them all out.  You also understand when we are leaving the house and going in a certain direction that we will see the water.  You love going under "tunnels"--which is basically anything that is over the interstate or roads.

One of your newest tricks is counting to 10.  You always start at 2 but you can count to 10 and recognize all of the numbers from 2-9.  Sometimes you mix up 9 and 6.  You like to play a number game on my phone and you play it whenever you can.

We have tried doing art projects but you are still putting things in your mouth.  This includes dog food--yuck!  If you see your dot markers you yell, "coloring!!" until I hide them again.  In addition to eating art supplies you are also really into the potty.  You call it them pobby.  You also like to open it up and stick things in it.  We are working very hard to break that habit!

You are still a great sleeper.  You usually sleep from 8-7:30.  When you wake up you stand up in your crib and yell, "Hi!! Hi!!" until we come and get you.  You climbed out of your crib once but haven't tried it again.  I'm hoping you forgot how to do this!!

You are still a great eater.  Your favorite foods are blueberries, blackberries, yogurt, cheese, asparagus and peas.

Your favorite toys to play with are trucks.  You love matchbox cars and really any form of transportation.  When you hear an airplane or helicopter outside you always crane your neck to see it.  You also really like animals.  You want to read your Bright Baby animal book every night.  My favorite animal noises you make are the snake, donkey, elephant and chicken.  I need to try to get all of these on video.  The cow still says "boo" at our house too.

You've been taking swimming lessons and you seem to love the water.  We can really see the progress you are making from week to week.  I can't wait to take you to the pool this summer.

You are obsessed with our friend Ali and every time I tell you we are going somewhere you say "Ali?" followed by "Baby?" which is what you call her little girl.  You also usually ask if we will see "Valvalval" your great aunt.  You also love riding in our SUV and when I turn the car on you yell out "truck!!".

You still aren't sure what to do with your baby brother.  So far you don't seem to mind him so much but don't like me holding him too often.  I'm excited to see you become closer in the next few years.

The hardest part about the last 3 months has been your growing independence.  I know that eventually this will be a good thing but right now it is very difficult.  This is why people say parenting is hard!  You have started throwing things when you don't get your way and you also sit down on the ground if you don't want to walk the direction we are headed.  We want to make sure we are doing a good job disciplining you but it is hard.  Regardless we love you so much.

I know there have to be things I'm leaving out.  I am just so amazed at how much you pick up each day!  Your Daddy and I love you so very much and we can't believe we'll be wishing you a happy birthday in just three short months!!

Mama & Daddy

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Not Supermom

My first baby made me look like super-mom. Other than a semi-hard physical recovery from my delivery I had it easy. I just didn't know it. I always wondered what people were talking about when they said there was no time for a shower or they were covered in spit-up.

I get it now.

I'm pretty honest here in my corner of the blogging world. And I'm the first to admit I don't like complaining. I love to look at the positive. But I also believe in being real. And I'm real tired :)

The combination of a newborn and toddler is seriously kicking my tail. I am feeling so overwhelmed by it all that I just want to sit on the couch and eat cookies. Pepperidge Farm to be exact. Sadly that does nothing positive for my saggy stomach--wouldn't it be amazing if the more cookies you ate the skinnier you became??

Right now I am in constant toddler proofing mode. Since baby Reed arrived Stafford seems to think he has the go ahead to push all boundaries. We are climbing out of the crib and into the bathroom sink. We have emptied too many spice jars to count. All of the sudden we can reach things that we couldn't reach before. We unroll toilet paper. We scream "mine" and we tell the baby "move" whenever Mama holds him.

Who took my angelic firstborn and gave me this one?

Sometimes when we go places I get nervous. What if he does this in front of my friends? Or church people? Or at swimming lessons? Will people think I'm an awful parent?

And ultimately I have to remind myself that I'm not perfect. And I'm definitely not the perfect parent. And no one else is either! And clearly I don't have a perfect kid!

Children bring out the best and worst in us. I am so patient with my little guys and so impatient in the next moment. I selfishly want them to do things my way one day and then rearrange my whole day to help them the next. They remind me each day that I am sinful and I need the forgiveness of my Father in heaven. But they also remind me of how great his love is for me.

There is a lot of pressure to be supermom. Lots of mommy bloggers who only write about the good and who apparently make crafts with their kids all day long and prepare gourmet dinners 7 nights a week. But I'm not one of them. And Im learning to be ok with that.

I want to show my boys and our future babies the love of Christ. They don't have to grow up to be superheroes either. But I want them to be champions of what is true. I want them to be godly men.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 ESV “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. (5) You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. (6) And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. (7) You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. (8) You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. (9) You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Miscellany Mother's Day

Linking up with my friend Carissa at Lowercase Letters today!

1. What Moms Really Want

I have started ordering a number of things from Amazon. They send me a lot of email. My favorite is the one I got a few weeks ago which proclaimed it knew exactly what I wanted. The first thing it listed was a Dyson. Other things listed: corningware...a microwave...breast pump.

Sorry Amazon but here is what I really want: a housekeeper...some meals delivered...more than a 2.5 hour stretch between feedings .... And a nap. Like a 24 hour nap. Your facebook survey didn't include those options!

2. What This Mama Got

A sweet card from my boys and one from their Daddy. A wonderful dinner out with some of my favorite Mamas. Gorgeous flowers. Beautiful weather. Time with my boys. A pedicure.


3. Prayer

I am not always consistent in my prayer life but am working on it. While I was pregnant I won a set of prayer cards from the creator of Better Life Bags. (I'm writing in the middle of the night on my phone and can't link so google it please or check out her facebook page).

Rebecca makes awesome bags and all of her profits go to charity. She also created these awesome prayer cards. I have the pregnancy cards, 30 days of praying for your husband and now am getting praying for your children. I'm so excited!!

4. Blessed

I'm thankful for all the special women I know. Some are Mamas, Grandmas, Aunts, friends, single girlfriends, Mama's to be and hopeful Mama's.

Let's face it. Being a woman is hard work and so many people have contributed to my life helping me beva better woman and Mama.

My prayers especially go to those ladies who want to be Mama's but aren't yet.

5. After Delivery

The euphoria of delivery is 3 weeks behind me and that means I've stalled on the scale. Sweet husband brought me one last blended coffee drink last night and today starts no sugar and low carbs for me. I want to lose 35 pounds (this would put me close to wedding weight) I'll keep you posted as I go!

6. Instant Love

I'm loving Instagram!! I can't believe no one told me how fun it was before now. If you don't have it get it! You can follow us at : kybelle18

Happy Monday!!! Hope you have a great week!!

Here are my wonderful boys and my beautiful flowers.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Makes Hearts Happy

Insta-photos are way better than instant coffee :) here is a quick peek into our world this week! night...landscaping...celebrating...Bible reading...cuddling...and lots of fun!!

Makes my little heart feel quite big. And extra happy!

May the little things bring you joy this day!!!

**you can find me on instagam at kybelle18

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Pa" Comes to Town

The last couple months of my pregnancy I became concerned that I might have the baby too late.  We had already purchased airfare for my parents and I kept imagining greeting them there with a full belly and no baby.  Thankfully the Littlest Guy had other plans and not only did he arrive early but he gave me enough time to recuperate a bit so we could show my parents around town.

We stayed busy this week...probably a little too busy!  Regardless we had a great time and got a lot accomplished!  My Mom did about 17 loads of laundry, my Dad painted our dining room and they both landscaped our front and back yard!

Of course we also visited the Point Defiance Zoo, Pike's Market and hung out with these two adorable boys all week.

Here are a few pictures from their stay!  I'll be posting before and after pictures of the dining room and the landscaping sometime soon.  But I figured everyone else wanted to see the babies and "Pa".  I think after a full week together the Little Guy has finally realized that "Pa" is actually my Dad and not my parents.  For the past few months he has referred to both of them as Pa!

18 Month Update

oh my word...I kept putting off publishing this update because I needed to get a picture with the pelican!  So much for that!  Since it is now time for the 21 month update I better publish this and hurry up and write that one!


As usual Mama is WAY late on your update.  I'm sure there will be a little bit of a blur between what you were doing right at 18 months but we'll try to get most of it straight!

We spent 2 and a half months back east during this time.  So almost your whole 15-18 months period was spent playing with your cousins and hanging out with your grandparents.  I know they really enjoyed having you around and your Mama really enjoyed having the help!

You are still in 12-18 month clothes but you were ready to make the switch for sure once you hit 18 months.  As always, things from Gymboree run small for you and Carter's run big.  Thankfully we had just enough to get us through.  You are also in size 4 diapers still.

We had to make a few trips to the Doctor while we were home.  I would tell you we were going to the doctor and you would say "doctor" back to me.  You had an ear infection and a bad cold over Christmas.  Then at the end of the month you had a horrible case of impetigo and Hand Foot Mouth.  Thankfully you got over these before we took our plane ride home.  You especially enjoyed looking at the fish tank at the doctor's office.

While we were home we drove over 3400 miles together.  You were a champ in the car.  We sang songs and you played with books and toys.  We ate a lot of meals at Cracker Barrel.  You would also play with Bear in the back seat.  We finally turned your carseat around on this trip because it got harder for Mama to get you in the car with her big belly!

One of the things we did a lot of while we were at home was reading.  Your favorite books are the Baby Einstein books.  Some of my favorite words you learned were alligator, umbrella, ukelele, porcupine, airplane and yellow.  I also noticed during this time that you would associate words with the other words in the book.  So if I told you we were going to see an octopus at the aquarium you would say owl back to me (the three O words are octopus, orange and owl).

While we were in Tennessee we visited the aquarium and the zoo.  You also entertained the family with your dancing and carried around the girls' play cars and played the music all the time.  You were very interested in the big yellow ball and played a lot with Max.  You ate very well at both houses but had a hard time staying in your high chair.  You also liked to put your empty food bowls on your head and say "hat".

You are/were a great sleeper especially since we were away from home and didn't have a strict routine.  You slept in the pack-n-play and did very well.  You also got to have your first sleepover with your cousins!!

You were already climbing up and down the stairs before we left but you continued to do a good job with this.  You also started learning to like bath time while we were gone which was a big help to Mama once we got back to Washington.  You were a champ on the airplane and did fairly well adjusting to the time change when we got home.  I can't wait to write your update in a few months because you have been learning so much since we got home!

Your Mama & Daddy love you very much!  We were so happy that you got to talk to Daddy on the internet almost everyday while Daddy was gone so he could keep up with your growth and development!  Thankfully the next time I update it will get to include time you spent with him!

Mama & Daddy

Monday, May 7, 2012

Miscellany Monday

1. Ugh

I've finally come up with one negative to being pregnant in this weather. Post pregnancy clothes. After I had Stafford I got to wear comfy cotton things because it was so hot in August in Charleston. It's still in the 60s here. And while that is definitely more motivating to go outside (hello no sweating) it means maternity jeans and trying to hide whats left of that belly. 14 pounds to go and then another 20 to get to my goal weight.

2. Married to a Rockstar

My husband is the most modest and humble person I know. He doesn't ever brag but this is my blog so I get to! He ran his marathon yesterday in 3:15 (actually a few seconds faster but it's early here and my brain is still asleep). It was a very hard course with lots of hills. And lets face it....the new Daddy is running on fumes helping to take care of us. He is totally amazing!

3. Order up!

My parents are here this week and we couldn't have custom ordered better weather. It has been gorgeous out! I'm so thankful!!

This is short but mid too early wakeup call just finished eating so I'm going back to bed! I'll leave you with my favorite baby photo of the week!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Each day over the past two weeks I have promised myself I would take more pictures, upload those pictures and post those pictures. So what am I doing now? Posting from my phone.

Two kids is kind of kicking my tail eight now. Granted this week was full of Drs appointments, newborn photos and an airport trip to pick up my parents. And I survived my first week at home which included getting both boys ready for the appointments, pictures and airport. But still! The only time to myself is the late night feedings and I'm not coherent enough to write a sentence-let alone one that is grammatically correct or interesting!

I'm realizing already that baby 2 gets the short end of the picture stick and I hate that! Maybe next week will be different?

I have been using my phone to capture some of our fun so here is a little glimpse into our new life with Littlest.

We've been to the park...practiced climbing (into the sink!!), been swimming with Daddy and Pa, smiled in our sleep, watched for airplanes and perfected our bedhead. What a great week!


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