Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We haven't had anything to do over the past few weeks so I can't imagine why I haven't had time to update the blog! :)

Peter left yesterday morning.  We took him to the airport at 4am and he will hopefully arrive sometime tomorrow morning.  Stafford and I are doing well.  Just trying to keep busy.  We plan to go home to Kentucky for a week in October so we are excited about that!

Here are a couple of pictures from the last few weeks...

Stafford and Daddy.  Stafford's shirt says "Daddy's Got My Back"

Stafford is totally into this video called "Curious Buddies".  It has puppets and kids and he will sit still for SO LONG and watch it!  

Our sweet friends the Tuckers had us over for Stafford's real birthday when we arrived here in WA.  So thankful for them!

One of our last crawling pictures!  I can't believe this little guy is ALL OVER the place now!

At the lake with friends

Clearly sweating hard after a hard climb at Mt. Rainier.  Or teething.  You be the judge.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally Yellowstone

Our first day in Yellowstone was gorgeous.  I love how these parks are set up so you can really enjoy creation and wildlife.  There are so many places for you to pull off the road for a scenic overlook and no one seems to mind when cars are backed up.  Everyone just jumps out of their car to see what kind of animal has been spotted!!  We saw deer, elk and bison.

The wildflowers were just beautiful.

We had to see Old Faithful!

Love this shot of Stafford and Peter.

We weren't prepared for the weather on the second day.  Thankfully we had a couple of long pants for Stafford!  But of course no socks!

Elk right near our lodge.

Nature at it's finest.  Just love enjoying God's creation!!  Now that I've finally shared all of our trip Westward I can update you on all the good (and bad) that has been going on here in Washington!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stafford's 12 Month Update

Dear Stafford,

Mama is about 6 weeks late on this update so hopefully I won't confuse too much of what you've learned since then!  We have had a busy couple of months!  We celebrated your birthday early in Charleston so we could visit with all of your friends and the special people that have made your first year with us so wonderful.  Then soon after we packed up our house and started our 2 week trip across the country.  You visited 12 states in 14 days! You were an amazing traveler.  You read your books in the back seat and you learned to wave to us.  You waved at us a lot during that trip!  You would also start laughing and wait for us to laugh.  The longer we laughed the harder you would laugh.  You visited places neat places like Yellowstone and MT. Rushmore.  We also went to the zoo in Chicago!

You are still wearing size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes.  For the first time when we look at you we see you have a little belly!  You are enjoying all kinds of foods but were on a lunchmeat and cantaloupe strike during that month.  You also have 6 teeth!  Mama didn't even know you were teething and you do not like to show us your mouth so we have to trick you to see your teeth!

You have taken a couple of steps and now that were are in our temporary house you love to play outside.  You crawl outside all day and you get excited when the sprinklers come on.  You still love to read and have started to learn to sort your shapes.  You can get the round shapes in your pelican shape sorter every time.

You are still a good sleeper but haven't been super consistent with naps.  Mama and Daddy are hoping once we move into a house you will start napping a little better.  You generally go to bed around 8 and get up around 7:30.  You nap from 10-11:30 and then sometime in the afternoon but it isn't usually consistent.

It is becoming harder and harder to take your picture in the rocking chair because you are so active!!  We might have to move to a new spot for year 2!!

Stafford you Daddy and I love you so very much.  We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents!!  We pray everyday that you will grow up and love Jesus very much.  We are just amazed at how fun you are and how much you are changing and growing!  Life with you is certainly an adventure!

Mama & Daddy

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beartooth Pass

Before entering Yellowstone we stayed in a small town called Red Lodge.  It was very quaint and seemed like a great place to vacation.  We had an phenomenal dinner there and sat outside which made me happy!  Our favorite menu item was the elk.  It was fabulous!

We set out the next morning to enter Yellowstone via  Beartooth Highway.  It was amazing.  I've heard Peter talk about this road for years now and I was excited to finally experience it for myself.  Here is  a picture from the base of the pass.

Pretty mountain flowers.

A little bit higher.  There were places to stop and take pictures at almost every turn in the road.

And as you can see there were lots of turns in the road!


Almost to the top of the pass.  There was a family skiing at the top!  The landscape was beautiful, covered with fields of flowers.  What was most amazing to me what the fact that we were on top of a mountain and there were huge areas of green space.  You could literally put a football field up there.  I always thought of  mountains like you draw them in elementary school--big on the bottom and sharp on top.  Not so here!

The flowers were just beautiful.  So delicate up here in such a harsh environment.

This lake was up at the top of the mountain.  Again, so opposite of how I thought the top of a mountain would be.  

We stopped at this waterfall.  I told Peter to set Stafford down so I could get his picture.  He thought I meant on the railing!!  Slight miscommunication!!  Regardless here is our little man enjoying our first day at Yellowstone.

Guest Posting!!

I'm guest  posting today for my dear friend Amber at Amber's Articles.  She's doing an awesome series on the question

If there were no heaven would you still be a Christian?

Not an easy one to answer in 400 words or less.  Especially if you know me!

I hope you'll check out my new blog, Wild Honey & Locust and become a follower.  Remember, this blog will go private within the next week so if you would like to keep following along please let me know and I'll send you the password.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Western Roadtrip Part III

Not something you see everyday eh?  We were excited when we entered Custer State Park because the guide said we might spot multiple animals.  We came around a bend and boom!  A few of these guys were just walking across the road.  This one decided the cars had the right idea.

We lost count at 78.....just kidding!

We definitely woke this guy up from his nap so he could have a picture with the bison.  What model parents!

These big guys were not afraid of the cars at all!

Beautiful landscape.

Peter spotted a deer.

After we left Custer we decided to visit Devil's tower.  It was definitely an experience to remember and we realized we don't know much about the climbing subculture.  Regardless the formation was beautiful and we were glad we visited.

I woke the big guy up from a nap so we could visit the landmark at the  Battle of the Bighorn.  Being the history buff that he is he was very excited to visit!

You could see for miles and miles and miles here!  

Stafford clearly having a fabulous time on our trip!

Next up Yellowstone!

Western Roadtrip Part II

After leaving Chicago we set out on Interstate 90.  That is when I knew we were not close to "home" anymore!!  There is nothing on that interstate.  At home if you are low on gas you just wait for an exit to appear.  Want some McDonald's fries?  No problem, there's one at every exit.  Oh my word!  We literally had to plan our day around where we could find gas and food!!

We drove through Wisconsin and Minnesota and crossed into South Dakota.  We were instructed by some friends to visit the famous Corn Palace so we stayed the night in Mitchell, SD and when we woke up the next morning we went to check it out.  Hmmmm....very interesting.  

As we were driving through SD I realized that my single unfulfilled childhood dream was visiting the Laura Ingalls Wilder house in DeSmet, SD.  On a whim I looked it up and it was only 45 minutes off the interstate.  My dear husband got me there with 1 minute to spare and thankfully the people who work there are just as obsessed with Laura as I am.  We got a private tour and it really was neat!  Here I am in front of the home.

We pressed on through South Dakota looking forward to our visit to Wall Drug.  Clearly Stafford was impressed by the large jackalope.

We finally arrived in the Black Hills and stayed in a small town called Hill City.  It was a cute place and we were able to get out and walk to dinner.  I was really surprised at the beauty of this area.  Rapid City was a really nice town and at least during the summer it seemed like a very picturesque place to live.

Here is Stafford hanging out on the buffalo after dinner in Hill City.

The next morning we explored Mt. Rushmore.  Neither Peter or myself had ever visited before so it was neat to see.  It was amazing to see how big it was and how difficult it must have been to create.  I thought the park in general might be larger but you really get there, pay, look at it and that is pretty much it.  We took the walking path so we could see different views but it was a quick visit.  Stafford was clearly impressed.

Interesting tunnel on the highway.

Another view of Mt. Rushmore on our way to Custer State Park....possible my favorite part of the trip!  Stay tuned!!

Finally Back!!

We are finally back online in our new state and new home.  It sort of feels like a foreign country.

I'm going to be doing some HUGE updates over the next week or so but before I do I wanted to let you all know that I am going to be making this blog private.  I want to be able to share some personal things with our family back home.

I'll be sharing recipes, DIY and other various and sundry things on my new blog

Wild Honey and Locust

Why wild honey and locust?  You'll have to read the blog to find out!!

If you'd like to continue reading this blog please let me know and I will be more than happy to send you the password!!


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