Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Western Roadtrip Part III

Not something you see everyday eh?  We were excited when we entered Custer State Park because the guide said we might spot multiple animals.  We came around a bend and boom!  A few of these guys were just walking across the road.  This one decided the cars had the right idea.

We lost count at 78.....just kidding!

We definitely woke this guy up from his nap so he could have a picture with the bison.  What model parents!

These big guys were not afraid of the cars at all!

Beautiful landscape.

Peter spotted a deer.

After we left Custer we decided to visit Devil's tower.  It was definitely an experience to remember and we realized we don't know much about the climbing subculture.  Regardless the formation was beautiful and we were glad we visited.

I woke the big guy up from a nap so we could visit the landmark at the  Battle of the Bighorn.  Being the history buff that he is he was very excited to visit!

You could see for miles and miles and miles here!  

Stafford clearly having a fabulous time on our trip!

Next up Yellowstone!


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