Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stafford's 12 Month Update

Dear Stafford,

Mama is about 6 weeks late on this update so hopefully I won't confuse too much of what you've learned since then!  We have had a busy couple of months!  We celebrated your birthday early in Charleston so we could visit with all of your friends and the special people that have made your first year with us so wonderful.  Then soon after we packed up our house and started our 2 week trip across the country.  You visited 12 states in 14 days! You were an amazing traveler.  You read your books in the back seat and you learned to wave to us.  You waved at us a lot during that trip!  You would also start laughing and wait for us to laugh.  The longer we laughed the harder you would laugh.  You visited places neat places like Yellowstone and MT. Rushmore.  We also went to the zoo in Chicago!

You are still wearing size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes.  For the first time when we look at you we see you have a little belly!  You are enjoying all kinds of foods but were on a lunchmeat and cantaloupe strike during that month.  You also have 6 teeth!  Mama didn't even know you were teething and you do not like to show us your mouth so we have to trick you to see your teeth!

You have taken a couple of steps and now that were are in our temporary house you love to play outside.  You crawl outside all day and you get excited when the sprinklers come on.  You still love to read and have started to learn to sort your shapes.  You can get the round shapes in your pelican shape sorter every time.

You are still a good sleeper but haven't been super consistent with naps.  Mama and Daddy are hoping once we move into a house you will start napping a little better.  You generally go to bed around 8 and get up around 7:30.  You nap from 10-11:30 and then sometime in the afternoon but it isn't usually consistent.

It is becoming harder and harder to take your picture in the rocking chair because you are so active!!  We might have to move to a new spot for year 2!!

Stafford you Daddy and I love you so very much.  We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents!!  We pray everyday that you will grow up and love Jesus very much.  We are just amazed at how fun you are and how much you are changing and growing!  Life with you is certainly an adventure!

Mama & Daddy


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