Friday, February 28, 2014

Catch Up & Spring Cleaning

I've been unsurprisingly absent from blogging and I have to say I miss it!!  I love having our experiences and pictures all in one spot but I can't seem to catch up on regular life!  I seem to be in full nesting mode so hopefully that will include some blogging AND catching up on our picture books.

Mostly I've been been enjoying my time with the boys.  I know our family dynamic would change regardless of whether Baby 3 was a boy or a girl but I'm just enjoying "boy" time while I can.  There will be plenty of time for dress up and dolls.  Right now we are focused on trains, planes and lots of blocks!  The weather has started to get a little nicer and thankfully my hip and pelvic issues are better this week.  We've enjoyed 3 walks recently and I am SO ready to start walking again regularly!

I've been super productive today and have started my "before the baby comes" to do list. my mind.  Here are some of the big things.

Go through every. single space. in our house and purge.  If you know me you know how much I hate the extraneous periods in a sentence but that is how serious I am!   I am SO tired of things not having a place...piles of stuff...never feeling like anything is really clean because there is so much clutter.  Today I am making a list of the "spaces" I need to do.  I'll add to it if I need to but ultimately my goal is to de-clutter each of these spaces long before the baby arrives.


1. Declutter
2. Plan a garage sale for after baby
3. Get a new bin for shoes for by the front door
4. Get a small dresser for Reed's closet/room for his clothes so baby girl's clothes can go in Stafford's room
5. Move an antique piece of furniture downstairs and replace with a small/cheap bookshelf
6. Go through boys clothes
7. Go through 0-3 clothes to see what baby girl can use
8. Decide on a baby name so we don't have to keep calling her baby girl
9. Maybe make a couple of freezer meals?
10. Come up with an eating/exercise plan for after baby arrives
11. Order a new bedspread and start a new color scheme for our bedroom!

So...number 11.  I've been on this black/silver/grey kick for the last 6 years and it is time for a change.  We bought our last "bed in a bag" two years ago and it's been great but it looks gross and I just need something new.  Ok I don't need it.  I want it and I am getting rid of the other one.  So....

here are some options.  Tell me your favorite!!



Also...still trying to decide on a monthly animal to take Baby Girl's picture with each month.  Any ideas?  Stafford has a pelican and Reed has an orca.  I had been thinking about a peacock but I'm open to other thoughts!


Spring has sprung and with that comes putting away the winter wardrobe and getting out the summer.  It's actually fun to do that with your makeup and accessories too!

To celebrate spring I'm offering the next person who orders Rodan + Fields as a preferred customer a FREE Self Tanner OR Suncreen OR Body Lotion.  They all smell amazing and are the perfect compliment to your new spring wardrobe!!  Message me today!!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on our comforter and animal ideas!!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sorority Songs & Sons

I had the privilege in college of being in a sorority.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made and I have been able to count so many sweet girls as my friend because of our association with that group.  Sororities and fraternities and let's face it the Air Force are full of traditions.  We had lots of musical traditions in our group.  I won't go into detail but one of our favorite songs was "Oh How The Years Go By," a 90s classic by Amy Grant.

The words are simple.  The just talk about how quickly the years go by and how no matter what we've been through we'll go through it together.  Sappy...sweet...perfect sorority song.

All of the lyrics don't really apply but can I just say....I feel like this song is on repeat in my head.  Where is the time going?  Why are my babies so big?  I am a little overwhelmed.

I remember sitting in the chair in Stafford's nursery when he was literally days old.  I finished nursing him and put him down and I had tears rolling down my face.  I'm sure the majority of this was crazy hormones but I remember thinking....I'll never get this day back!  He will never be this little.  And I was holding his little tiny hands and I thought....someday these hands will be bigger than mine.

It's hard to find the balance between enjoying sleepless nights, dirty diapers and messes.  But I only get to do it once.

I've found myself more than once just going into the boys' rooms at night just to look at their precious faces.  I am SO blessed to have them.  Their messes.  Their attitudes.  Their hugs.  Their kisses.  Their sweet little smiles.

The days and years are going way too quickly for my liking.  But I am determined to enjoy every minute of them.
Sidenote....I thought people were crazy when they said the Reedster and I look alike.  But this picture might be changing my mind!

Teaching S-man the art of the "selfie"
Love that we are starting to get some real smiles from him these days.

He is rarely a cuddle bug so I take advantage!

Friday, February 7, 2014


Well this post is online a month and a half overdue!

In December we visited our local zoo for their Zoolights event!  We LOVE our zoo.  It's small but less than 10 minutes away so easy to do even when the boys an I have a couple of hours to kill after naptime.  We are definitely spoiled living so close!

I love the giant octopus on top of the aquarium.  Local legend says that lots of these creatures live in the ruins of the Narrows Bridge that collapsed in the 40s.  In the 60s they even had octopus wrestling here.  Google it...I'm not joking.

The best we could do for a shot of the 4 of us.  We handed my phone to the one person on earth who has never used an iphone before and she took about 70 shots by accident none of which included all four of us.

Oh wait...this one did...but you just can't tell because Reedster is fascinated with the lights.

Aren't they pretty?  When it is daylight you can see Mt. Rainier right over the top of the aquarium and also the sound to the left.  It is gorgeous!

Polar bears.  Stafford was really upset that none of the real animals were out.  He wasn't quite as impressed with the lit up version.

The aquarium is always a hit!

More lights!

I loved these rainbow bushes

Love this handsome little guy!!

There's a smile!!  His poor eye....he cut it when we were out to get ice cream earlier in the week.

My favorite

More lights....

S-man wanted to see this tree up close

We always spend time looking at the sharks

I don't even want him to get too big for this!

Mama and the Reedster

S-man sporting the cheeseface!!

We love this event!!  My best advice is to arrive 15 minutes or so before it opens that way you can ensure parking.  It was BUSY even after Christmas (we went around December 29).  


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