Saturday, July 31, 2010

Euler Beach Week

Although the title is misleading, we still had a great week!!  It is so hot in Charleston this summer that even the beach doesn't seem to offer much relief.  With Doctor's appointment and ankles the size of grapefruits I had to stay off of my feet quite a bit.  But the family enjoyed a beach day, pool day and a day at Charlestowne Landing.
What I wasn't able to do during the day we definitely made up for at night!  We ate at a bunch of new restaurants, took the kids to play in the fountains downtown and drank plenty of rootbeer floats!
Here are a few photos from our fun week!

The Family at the Farmer's Market
37 Weeks Pregnant-Eating at Bowen's Island

Taylor loves ice cream!!
McKenzie at Bowen's Island
Sweet Schaeffer-he is never in a bad mood!!
Next year we'll have Baby E to add to the bunch!! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Little Guy's Room...

After a hard weekend of work (aka watching Peter work) we finally have the Little Guy's room close to finished! We're still missing a few fninshing touches here and there but for the most part it is done. Enjoy the  pictures!


After!!! this is a view of the room from the door
 Our loose theme for the room is pelicans &  planes
Bear thinks the room is for him!  He already takes things and hides under the crib!
More airplanes in the bathroom
We still have a couple of things to get up on the walls and we still need the Little Guy!!  Then the room will finally be complete!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby E Nursery Preview

I know you have all been patiently waiting for pictures of Baby E's nursery.  Tonight  I have a few for a little preview.  I'm still working on a few projects and putting finishing touches on the room so I want to wait until everything is finished before the big reveal!!

Yesterday and today my project was painting a mural for the corner over my glider.  Our loose theme for the room is airplanes and pelicans (airplanes because Daddy flys them....pelicans because that is the squadron mascot and it is unique).  I painted 3 murals.  One is a pelican, one an airplane and one matches our crib bedding and will eventuallly have the little guy's name on it.  I had a lot of fun doing these and am even considering them as a business venture eventually!

I hope you enjoy Baby E's nursery preview!!  I can't wait to have the whole room put together!!

Also, a major thank you to my Dad who painted the walls in the nursery!!  Don't they look great???

Monday, July 19, 2010

Roxberry-Porter Vacation

We spent an awesome week in the Outerbanks with the entire Roxberry-Porter clan. These vacations are legendary for good friends, food and fun!! Here are a few pictures of the great week we had together!
Visiting the Corolla Beach Lighthouse
The "Salty Dog" Beach House

The "Roxberry" family (minus Harrison Ford who is yet to be born)
Peter at the Wright Brothers Museum
On top of the sand dunes
Miss Nola
The "Roxberry" dinner night

Friday, July 16, 2010

Salvation Story

If I were ever to get a tattoo it would simply say the word “grace”. I suppose that is a funny way to start out a testimony but then again the nice thing about a testimony is that it belongs to you and is authored by God. Peter and I have consistently referred to our relationship as a story; one that we are content to live out as it is being written. For me however I haven’t always had such great faith. My life resembles more of a “choose your own adventure” and unfortunately that is often how I approached my faith. The fact that I am sitting here, 5 days before my wedding, writing my testimony for my future father-in-law is a true testament to God’s amazing grace in my life.

I was fortunate to grow up in a Christian home. Being a fan of birth order I’m sure it is easy to recognize the “first born” signs in me right away. My strongest characteristic and the one that rendered me weak was my desire to please. I was a strong-willed child, loud, smart and ready to take on the world at an early age. No matter what I did though, I always made sure it would please my parents. My parents taught me from an early age about Christ and I became a Christian during a time of bedside devotions that we had faithfully when I was a child. Baptism and dedicating my life to potentially serve in the mission field followed. I excelled in everything I did from reading to painting to playing the piano. And as I grew older my relationship with Christ grew as well.


There is something to be said for raising your children in the body of Christ. I had wonderful Sunday School teachers, mentors and friends who made my adolescent years full of innocent fun. We had sleepovers, toilet papered, harbored innocent crushes on the cute boys in youthgroup and were just all around good kids. I had a strong support group of adults and families to look to as examples. I memorized tons of scripture; a by product of 6 years in Bible Quizzing. I felt strong enough to stand up to my peers and to stand up for my faith.

In the sixth grade I discovered Ephesians 2:8-9. If I remember correctly I started liking the verse because I could never forget it. Never forgetting was a great asset in Bible quizzing and I started holding onto that verse as “my favorite” or “my lifeverse.” The true meaning however was lost on me. I didn’t understand the need for grace in my life. I didn’t understand what it meant to need a savior.


In college my support group slowly seemed to fade away. My home church split and my parents began to attend a new one. The adults and friends that I loved, respected and who held me accountable weren’t right there every Sunday to push me closer to Christ. I was challenged with many new things, even at a Christian school. I found myself frustrated and even a little angry at God because of the split in our church and my lack of support. I started writing some of my own book and on the outside it looked pretty good. I supposed that is why we don’t always judge books by their covers.

I muddled through college, bent on marrying a man who might not have even been a Christian and struggled even harder when we broke up after 4 years. I questioned God’s ability to truly love me and continued to scribble nonsense on page after page of my story. I finished my Master’s and moved to Charleston to “make a new start”. There I found myself confronted with the same demons and still unable to relinquish the quill.

In the summer of 2005 I started attending ECBC with a friend. I didn’t want to go. I had already tried attending and hadn’t connected with anyone. My friend kept inviting me over and over again and eventually I signed up to join a community group. After the first week I vowed never go to back. I felt judged and out of place because my relationship with the Lord was so neglected at the time. Each week a good friend would call me and tell me she wanted me to come. And each week I would keep going.


Later in the semester we started Tommy Nelson’s “Song of Solomon” series on love and marriage. I was fascinated by it and for the first time found myself content with my singleness. The Lord was working in my life. I was so captivated that I often forgot to pick up my pen but chose my Bible instead. I drew closer and closer to Him.

In December of 2005 I met Peter. He doesn’t remember it much but I do. I am convinced that the Lord shielded Peter from me that month because I was still picking up my pen. Sometime between December and early February the Lord did some major editing and I found myself beginning to live out the story He was writing. I prayed about Peter for 3 or 4 weeks before he asked me out on our first date. I wanted to make sure this really was the next chapter in my life.


I find myself reading ahead of Peter often in our story. I came home 2 weeks after we began dating and told my Dad to pull out his wallet because we were going to have a wedding to plan. I knew that Peter was the one God had designed for me (you see, He does illustrations too) early on in our relationship. The Lord taught me to be patient and to trust Him as I waited on His timing. I have learned to trust the Lord when Peter is gone, when he can’t call and when I start to fumble in the dark, looking for that pen again.

I am amazed by grace. Instead of a messy, marked up draft, I have a beautiful love story. One that began hundreds of years ago keeps going and going and getting better and better every day. It doesn’t end like a series of best sellers, the end is open. I wait each and everyday for more and more of what the Lord has blessed me with. I am astounded and honored to be part of your family and can only hope to give our children the legacy that both you and my parents have offered freely to us. We have been given the greatest gift of all; grace.

If you want to share your salvation story link up with Amber via the
Journey of Faith link above!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camera Crazy

Well we finally took the plunge into DSLR world. I have no idea what DSLR even stands for. When someone says something about stops, aperture or ISO I just nod my head and try to say the most logical thing possible. Yet because of Baby E I decided one of these cameras was a must-have for the Charleston Eulers!

I know a little more than I give myself credit for. And I really have done some research on lenses, cameras etc. But I think I know about .2% of what there is to know out there about these cameras! The good news is, I'm excited to learn!

After about 6 months of research and basically hemming and hawing over which camera we would buy I finally decided on the Nikon D90. After looking at the pricetag Peter was not impressed. Basically our previous camera conversations were as so:

Laura: We really need a DSLR camera

Peter: Ok honey. How much do you think it will cost?

Laura: Oh maybe 3 o r 400 dollars

Peter: Well I think we can afford that. Just do a little research and let me know what you want.

a week later

Laura: I think we're going to need to spend about 1000 dollars for the camera I want

*sound of Peter fainting*

Just kidding....well, about the fainting part. The more research I did the more I realized these cameras are really an investment. Not quite as fun as my engagement ring but pretty close! This is something we'll have for the rest of our lives as long as we take good care of it.

Anyway I've just been waiting for one of these to be posted in Craigslist or ebay that was barely used and reasonably priced. Well, today as I sat here on bedrest (instead of going to the dentist) I was super excited to see the Nikon D90 posted here in Charleston for a super price. Turns out the family had just moved from Lexington a couple of months ago and were looking to upgrade their camera. So we met and he left with money and we left with an awesome new memory maker.

I can't wait to share with you the fun pictures we take over the next few months!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What have you done?

Sorry to disappoint again but there are not going to be any nursery pictures today. After going to the doctor today for my 35 week (oh my word I can't believe I'm already 35 weeks!!!) appointment I was assigned the hard work of staying in bed until she gives me the go ahead to get up. So I'm trying to do just that!

Apparently the National League won the All-Star game for the first time since 1996. Sometimes 1996 seems like a long time ago. Let's face it, in '96 I had braces, learned to drive and I'm pretty sure my idea of fashion included stirrup pants. If you don't know what those are google them-I'm positive it will instantly raise my cool factor in your mind.

Someone posed the question "What have you done since 1996?" and it really made me think.

Here are some of the highlights:

3 degrees (High School, College and Graduate School)

5 jobs (bookstore, Applebee's, Georgetown College, CofC Residence Life, CofC Honors College)

1 husband (do we really need parenthesis for this one?)

1 first house

1 sweet puppy

6 countries

26 states

1 baby on the way

I mean, those are major milestones! It is overwhelming to think of all the things that the last 14 years encompasses.

Of course I am thinking to the future and wondering what the next 14 years will bring. I know some of those things will be wonderful things (hopefully more babies and more countries but definitely no more husbands; I like the one I've got!!) Some things will be really sad. Eventually there are going to be some losses and things that are really hard to deal with. But through it all the one thing that remains the same through all this change is God. Hebrews says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. What a great promise that is!! No matter how much good and bad happens in the next 14+ years I know I can count on a bigger God. That's even cooler than my stirrup pants!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We're Baaaack!!

I know all of you readers have been heartbroken over my almost 2 week absence from the blogging world. Fear not! I'm back!! Peter and I spent the last week in the Outer Banks visiting with my family and some extended family. We had an amazing time and I'll be sharing some pictures and a little bit about our trip later on in the week.

Today however I want to share with you a couple of my favorite websites. These aren't necessarily "fun" websites. No monogramming, costume jewelry or designer handbags here. However they are sites that have been super helpful to us!


I use this website as much as I can! If you haven't even checked it out it is basically a "buy it now" website. You can list books, movies, cds and dvds and you get to choose the price. There is no bidding so if you are looking for something and find it you can buy it right away. One of the best parts about it is you can sell your old textbooks. Recently I sold a couple of college textbooks. Although I wasn't in college THAT long ago, usually textbooks move out of rotation pretty often. I've made over 200 dollars in the last month selling these books! If you have old books or media in the house and want to get rid of it try!!


Most of you probably know this website or have used it. However I know very few people who use it as much as I do! Craigslist is also a "non-bidding" site where you can buy and sell your stuff. There are really no limits to what you can list on this site. Not only have we bought and sold but we have also listed a couch "free if you come get it" and it is long gone! Because of the up-coming arrival of Baby E we needed to get rid of some major stuff (aka junk) in our house as well as some furniture. We have sold a couple of things and I'm saving the cash for a camera!


You aren't going to make any money on this site. However you can do lots and lots of fun stuff here! Last year Peter and I had the amazing opportunity to go to Europe. We went to 6 countries in 3 weeks and took zillions of pictures!! I wanted to be able to display all the pictures but I also wanted them to be labeled so when we looked at them we would remember what all the places were. Shutterfly provided the perfect medium for me to do this! I put together a 12x12 photobook that included captions and over 200 of our favorite pictures. I was a little nervous about how it would turn out but when we received it in the mail it was phenomenal!! After this I decided I would never scrapbook or put pictures in a traditional picture album again! I've started documenting the "Life of the Eulers" and intend to print a book for each year we are married. My goal is to finish the first 4 books (I'm including the dating year) before the little guy arrives!! We'll see how it goes!!

None of these site are super exciting unless you really take advantage of them. However if you choose to use them I think you'll find you like them as much as I do!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some before/after pictures of Baby E's nursery!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

How are you?

How are you?

How do you usually answer that question? Have you ever noticed? In the last year or so I have tried to be cognizant of the way I answer that question in specific. Why? I want to be a positive person. I have really worked on training myself to look for the positive in life. I have a few friends/acquaintances who are really negative. Every time you ask them how they are doing the give you a laundry list of everything that is wrong in their life. Don't get me wrong, I want to share in the ups and downs of the lives of my friends. When they are struggling with something I want to pray for them and to go through the valley with them. It's more the people who are negative about the little everyday things.

One of the funniest things about being pregnant has been the weird things that people have said to me. I have heard everything from "your baby is going to be huge" to "you aren't going to make it" (still not sure what that one even means). The best though has the be the lady who came up to me and said, "You look miserable." Now I think what she meant was that I "must be miserable" because honestly it's been a little miserably hot here in the south lately. So I'd like to think that she was simply giving me the opportunity to complain. But I refuse to complain about being pregnant!! Now, that isn't to say that it doesn't have it's challenges. But seriously, it's not like I didn't know this was going to happen. I mean I can clearly count forward 9 months. So sometime in November or December it was pretty obvious that if I became pregnant I was going to be due in the middle of the hot summer. Regardless it makes me laugh at the things people are totally willing to say to a stranger!!

I challenge you to look at the way you answer the question "how are you?". Are you constantly complaining? Do you have a laundry list of things you wish were different? The less I complain, the happier I am. I encourage you to memorize these verses and claim them when you are feeling negative.

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. I Thessalonians 5: 16-18

Another idea is something my good friend Amber does. Each day she comes up with at least 10 things that day that she is thankful for. Here are some of my favorites from her list lately:

clean sheets

that the sun came up today

for a healthy baby

for fingernail clippers

Amber doesn't always have a good day. But she always finds time to thank God for something. I encourage you to start a "thanksgiving" diary. Write down the things you are thankful for. It can be big or little. It can seem silly. Regardless it helps you realize how truly blessed you are even if you don't feel well, or you have uncertainty in your life, or fussy kids or a frustrating day at work. I bet once you start counting your blessings you won't be able to stop!!

You can check out Amber's blog at


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