Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camera Crazy

Well we finally took the plunge into DSLR world. I have no idea what DSLR even stands for. When someone says something about stops, aperture or ISO I just nod my head and try to say the most logical thing possible. Yet because of Baby E I decided one of these cameras was a must-have for the Charleston Eulers!

I know a little more than I give myself credit for. And I really have done some research on lenses, cameras etc. But I think I know about .2% of what there is to know out there about these cameras! The good news is, I'm excited to learn!

After about 6 months of research and basically hemming and hawing over which camera we would buy I finally decided on the Nikon D90. After looking at the pricetag Peter was not impressed. Basically our previous camera conversations were as so:

Laura: We really need a DSLR camera

Peter: Ok honey. How much do you think it will cost?

Laura: Oh maybe 3 o r 400 dollars

Peter: Well I think we can afford that. Just do a little research and let me know what you want.

a week later

Laura: I think we're going to need to spend about 1000 dollars for the camera I want

*sound of Peter fainting*

Just kidding....well, about the fainting part. The more research I did the more I realized these cameras are really an investment. Not quite as fun as my engagement ring but pretty close! This is something we'll have for the rest of our lives as long as we take good care of it.

Anyway I've just been waiting for one of these to be posted in Craigslist or ebay that was barely used and reasonably priced. Well, today as I sat here on bedrest (instead of going to the dentist) I was super excited to see the Nikon D90 posted here in Charleston for a super price. Turns out the family had just moved from Lexington a couple of months ago and were looking to upgrade their camera. So we met and he left with money and we left with an awesome new memory maker.

I can't wait to share with you the fun pictures we take over the next few months!!


Amber said...

I love my D90!!!

jeanneburnett said...

Awesome! My husband has the D70S. He takes amazing pics and when I asked him about D90 he was super impressed! He has learned so much about photography & how to use photoshop & lightroom, etc. Plus it's always more fun to have a sweet little bundle of joy to take pics of!!! Congrats!

Meghan said...

yay, you'll love it!!

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