Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby E Nursery Preview

I know you have all been patiently waiting for pictures of Baby E's nursery.  Tonight  I have a few for a little preview.  I'm still working on a few projects and putting finishing touches on the room so I want to wait until everything is finished before the big reveal!!

Yesterday and today my project was painting a mural for the corner over my glider.  Our loose theme for the room is airplanes and pelicans (airplanes because Daddy flys them....pelicans because that is the squadron mascot and it is unique).  I painted 3 murals.  One is a pelican, one an airplane and one matches our crib bedding and will eventuallly have the little guy's name on it.  I had a lot of fun doing these and am even considering them as a business venture eventually!

I hope you enjoy Baby E's nursery preview!!  I can't wait to have the whole room put together!!

Also, a major thank you to my Dad who painted the walls in the nursery!!  Don't they look great???


Rachel said...

It looks awesome! Maybe you should paint a giraffe for Brennan's nursery! :)

Jared & Adri said...

Laura, these are precious! PLEASE tell me they are painted on something other than the wall so you can take them with you when you PCS! :) Adrianne

AFG said...

super cute! The pelican is so sweet and fluffy--

Amber said...

Very cool. You can paint a mural for me if we have another little one. They look great

Jason and Becky said...

Great job Laura!! Baby E is lucky to have such a talented mommy!

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