Friday, September 11, 2015

Capture the Moment--book review

With three little ones sometimes I am so busy running around I fail to appreciate the little moments.  The ordinary things that make our life what it is.  

After reading and looking at the incredible photographs in Sarah Wilkerson's "Capture the Moment" I've been inspired to slow down a little. To look at everything from light to shoes to sheets in a different way.  To grab my "big girl camera" more often and to make sure I capture some of the little moments of our lives.  

I love how the tips are organized and illustrated with a photograph so you can really study what the photographer has done and then practice it!

I will be referencing this book for years to come and I know I will be capturing the little moments in a new and innovative way!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August 2014

She covers her face while she sleeps...

Date day at the glass museum

Sunrise view from our bedroom


Sunset from our back porch

Typical day at our house...

Walking at Point Ruston

Anniversary Dinner at our favorite spot

Seattle Zoo & Ferris Wheel to celebrate our four year old!

Sitting up on her own!

HIs best bud gave him a picture of them for his birthday.  He STILL prays for her every night over a year later!

Wearing Mama's dress for her dedication.  Same one I wore!

We love the Johnson sisters!!

Miss Amanda reading to all four boys

Best part of baking

Nachos to go to start out our first camping trip!!

Visiting Lamar & Sheila when they camped up in La Conner

First time in the Bumbo

One of my favorite pictures of him....I love his sweet little smile. He kept chasing me with the "monster"

Having an important conversation 


My $3 thrift find!!

Can't even tell you how fortunate I am to have this girl in my life!!

She started up by the toy beside me!

Tacoma Rainiers game

Ruston...we go there a lot!

Healthy 4 year old check-up

Watching Kali at her volleyball tournament

Trip on the train with the Thomassons

That's Mt. Rainier right there...majestic eh?

Her first doll

That's a wrap on August 2014....our last full month in Tacoma!  We sure filled it full of fun and friends!!


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