Friday, December 31, 2010

Stafford's Top Ten in Ten

I'm linking up with some super fun bloggers who love to take pictures!  I still haven't graduated to really using the manual settings on my camera yet but hopefully when I do my "Top 11 in 11" this time next year I'll be an old pro!  I had a hard time narrowing down 10 pictures of Stafford so you get a few bonus shots!

1. Newborn Love
 Little Guy was just a few hours old here.  I love his little nose and lips.  We were already so in love with this sweet boy!!

2. Peaceful Sleep
I'm thankful that our little guy has always been a good sleeper.  I set him down on the couch one day and when I looked over this is how he was laying.  I love his hair in this picture.  He was born with highlights and you can really see those frosted tips in this shot.  Such a sweet little angel!!

 #3 Wild Man
This was taken when Stafford could first start holding his head up.  I love how he is looking so intently at Daddy.  And of course the hair....who can forget that hair!?!

 #4 Loving Life
This picture makes me laugh.  It is one of the first really smiley happy pictures of Stafford.  Someone at church told me once that he has a happy heart and I agree!  Love this happy little guy!!

 #5 Mommy's Little Helper
 If you've read my blog before you know I love to cook.  I have enjoyed staying at home with Stafford because it gives me the opportunity to try new things.  Stafford is my constant companion and little helper.  This was taken one day while we were cooking.  I love his sweet expression!

#6 Firsts
There are way too many firsts to capture on camera but it fun when you get to actually do it!  This is a picture from Stafford's first visit to the beach.  It is probably a cuter picture to me because of the whole day...the smells...the laughter...the fun....regardless I love this one.

 #7 Super Son
Stafford's Aunt Liz sent him this onesie and I love it.  I think he looks ADORABLE in it and I couldn't resist doing a photo session when he was wearing it.  I was thrilled when I caught this expression. 
Isn't he super cute?

#8 Serious Face
This is Stafford's serious face.  He will be very serious and then just break into a huge smile.  I love his big beautiful eyes in this shot.

#8 Happy Heart
 This title says it all.  I am SO blessed to get to spend my days with this sweetheart!  And the hair makes me laugh everytime I look at it!

#9 Baby Blessing
This isn't a particularly good shot but it is special to me.  This is the first thing I bought for Stafford to wear, long before we knew that Stafford was Stafford.  I wrapped it up and gave it to Peter to share the news with him.  I love it that he can finally wear it.

#10 Merry Christmas
There isn't anything much cuter than a baby in a Santa hat!  Merry Christmas from Stafford!!

 #11 Big Boy
 Each month I take a picture of Stafford with his pelican.  It is fun to look back and see how much he has changed between pictures.  This was his 4 month shot.  Peter likes it because it looks like Stafford is waving.  I just love his little toes, hair and the fact that he is sitting up (with help from the chair of course)!

#12 Happy Boy
I just love catching that smile on camera.  I know he probably won't always smile for the camera so I'll get as many shots now while he still does!!

It is hard to believe that this special little happy guy has only been around since August.  We are so blessed to be his parents and each day brings new challenges and fun to being a family of 3.  Stafford makes me want to have tons of children!!  It will be fun to continue to take pictures of his milestones and of course I'll be sharing them here for you to see!!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Dreaming...

I've been dreaming of a white Christmas for years!  I hardly expected to have one regardless of whether we were in Charleston, Lexington or Chattanooga but all 3 places had snow!! What are the odds?  Peter and I especially enjoyed sitting by the fire with all of the family watching the snow come down through the kitchen window.  We also enjoyed celebrating Christmas for the first time with little guy.  It was fun to think back to a year ago when we surprised his family with the news that we would be having a baby! 

Here are some highlights from our weekend!  I totally failed to complete my "25 day picture challenge" but hopefully these will make up for it!!  Peter got some pictures of the snow so I'll have to share those later.  It was a wonderful Christmas!!

Stafford in his Christmas pjs from Mimi

Playing with Daddy

If you counted 19 you are right!

Love the fire!!


Opening Christmas presents

Cousins Bailie & Schaffer

Schaeffer & Stafford....our little blessings of 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 20: Little Cheese

Stafford is one happy little guy!  I love this smile!

Excited about something!

Oh how he loves his gym!!

Daddy is home!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 19: No Place Like Home

We spend special time with our friends Justin and Kendra today.  We've enjoyed sharing Charleston as our home for the last 3 years.  Charleston is such a transitional city and the longer I am here the more I seem to say goodbye.  I am so excited for this special couple because they are going to Maine which is what they call home!  We love you guys so much and we will miss you!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 18: Love

My world traveler just returned from a far off land and brought me back this fun surprise.  It's the Japanese character for love.  I told him it would be funny if it actually stood for something else but I'm pretty sure it really means love.  Love my my sweet husband!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 17: Shhh...It's a Surprise

I love surprises.  The problem lies in keeping things a surprise.  No this doesn't mean I am going to spill all those deep dark secrets you've told me over the years.  What it means is that you just might get your Christmas present early in this house.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do when Stafford knows his birthday or Christmas are coming.  Then I'll be forced to wait until the holiday actually arrives before giving him his presents.  I don't know if I can handle it!  I LOVE picking presents for people and I LOVE watching them open them. 

Stafford's first Christmas present was no exception to the rule.  I couldn't wait to open this jumper and let him try it out!  In my head I used the excuse that if we waited too long he wouldn't get as much use out of it.  But seriously I just couldn't wait another week!  I'm not sure what he thought about it but he looked cute and when it all comes down to it isn't that all that matters?  He is already smiling for the camera!

Merry Christmas Stafford!!

And a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to my new nephews (ok they aren't really my nephews but basically they are) Wesley and Lucas!!  I'm still mad at your Doctor who wouldn't come in tomorrow so we could share a birthday!!  Megan & boys are doing great!  Can't wait to share pictures of these little miracle boys!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 16: Together At Last

Reunited at last!  And what a happy reunion it was....I've never heard Stafford laugh before and boy did he giggle and smile at Daddy!  Love my two guys so much!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 15: 100th Post

How fitting that this post is my 100th post! I took a picture of Stafford in his Little Bear pjs because they are a very special pair!

One year ago I took a test that would change my life forever!  I was totally sure that I wasn't pregnant and took the test that Tuesday morning to prove to myself that I wasn't so I could stop stressing about it.  After I took the test I looked down at it and confirmed the truth-there was only 1 line.  I picked it up to throw it away and realized that there was a faint second line.  That little line could only mean one thing-life was about to change!!

I could barely contain myself and at work that day I couldn't figure out why everyone wasn't asking me if I were pregnant.  I felt like it was written across my face.  I made it through the day and on the way home from work I stopped at the outlets looking for the perfect little outfit for our future little one.  I ran across this pair of pjs that say "Little Bear" on them.  I bought them, wrapped them and put them under the tree. 

Dinner seemed to drag by that night and afterwards I asked Peter if he wanted to open one of his "Christmas" gifts.  We had agreed not to do gifts so I don't know why he wasn't suspicious.  He sat on the couch and opened the gift and said, "I don't think this will fit Bear."

All joking aside I showed him the test and we rejoiced together over the news.  We didn't have a due date, a name and we certainly had no clue about how to be parents!  But from that moment forward Baby E was showered with love and prayer. 

As I look back on the past year it is filled with so much fun.  It wasn't all easy but what an amazing ride it has been.  I love my little boy so much.  Each day I love him more and I keep thinking my heart will be full eventually but there always seems to be room for more Stafford!  What a gift from God you are little Nathan Stafford!!  We love you so much!! could you not love this guy!?!

Stafford Adores Daddy

Oh my word.  There is NO question....this little boy is a Daddy's boy!!  He loves his Daddy so much!  I took this video after Peter had been out of town for over 2 weeks.  Stafford is a happy baby but I'm not sure even I've ever seen him this happy!!  Melts my heart!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14: White Christmas

I may be dreaming of a white christmas but the small snow we got in KY during Thanksgiving will have to do!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 13: B I NGO

When you think of Christmas traditions the game Bingo probably doesn't make the list.  I can't imagine why!  Doesn't every family play Bingo at Christmas-time?  Regardless of what you are doing at your Christmas celebration, the Roxberry's were playing Bingo.  Each year we would drive to my grandparents in Pennsylvania the day after Christmas.  This trip including a number of traditions; goody bags, LaRosa's and dressing up so that we could look "cute" the minute we got out of the car.  Lovely concept for an 8 hour drive. 

After we arrived at my grandparents and they ooed and ahhed over how cute we looked we had dinner and then we got to open presents.  Presents were great but what we were really excited about was Bingo!!  Dad & Grandpa would watch TV and Grandma would get out the Bingo game and a bag of prizes. Mom, Allison & I would play Bingo all night long.  We won things like pocket calendars, hair-bows and chapstick.  But that didn't matter.  It was the thrill of winning and the tradition that made it fun.

This year my Grandma got to spend Thanksgiving with us.  It was so fun to have her there and in order to include as much tradition as possible we brought out the Bingo game and played for old times sake.  We may not play Bingo every year but the game will always bring back fond memories for me.  Who knows, maybe someday when my grandkids come over I'll be calling out B-15 and O-67 for them!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12: The Donk

Story to follow.....

In the summer of 2009 Peter & I were fortunate enough to travel to Europe.  I had been dreaming about the trip for a couple of years and there were so many places that I wanted to visit.  My fascination with Europe began in grade school when I read a number of books about WWII.  Most of the books were about children and London and it wasn't until High School that I really understood the reality of the war, the Holocaust and the tragic stories that go along with it.

One of my favorite authors is a husband and wife team, Brock & Bodie Thoene.  They write incredible historical fiction.  It is very accurate but the stories they weave capture your heart.  Two of their series, the Zion Chronicles & The Zion Covenant were favorites of mine in high school.  Last year I got the Covenant series for Christmas and re-read all 9 of them.  They focus on a violinist in the Vienna Philharmonic that has an encounter with an American journalist.  The sub-plots are all intertwined with these two characters and the scenes take place all over Nazi-occupied Europe; Paris, Vienna, Berlin, the Tylrol etc. 

In one of the scenes (without giving too much away because if you are a reader you really should read these books!!) Eliza, the violinist, meets a woodcarver from the Tyrol region of Austria.  This area was and still is known for it's beautiful wood carving and the woodcarver fashions an angel that looks just like Eliza.

When we started planning our trip I knew we had to go to the Tyrol region of Austria!  I decided that instead of getting little trinkets all over Europe that we would buy a hand carved nativity set so that each year we could remember our trip.

While in Austria we visited the town of Oberammergau, known for it's Passion play at Easter and it's wood carving.  We decided on a stall and were going to purchase Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  We decided each year at Christmas we would add to the nativity set until it was complete.

The woman selling to us was very persistent.  She felt it was VERY important that we get the three wise men.  The language barrier prevented us from telling her why we didn't really want to start out our collection with just the three wise men so finally we agreed to purchase the cow and "the donk".  She was adamant about that too.  We NEEDED "the donk" to make our nativity complete.

So now we have Mary, Joseph, Jesus, a cow and "the donk" up in our nativity.  I think we'll be adding a couple of shepherds this year and maybe a sheep.  But everytime I look at it I can't help but this of the persistent German saleswoman who believes that a nativity isn't complete without 3 wise men and a "donk".

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11: Warm Fuzzy

I must be getting shorter in my old age.  This picture is of my new pajama pants.  Aren't they lovely?  I haven't had a pair of pajama pants since ohhhhh, never.  I never tried any on because everytime I did try them on they were always too short for me.  Because I spend quite a bit more time in pajama pants lately (don't judge me, I'm a new mom!!) I wanted to have cute ones.  I decided to just give some a try today since they were on major sale at the GAP outlet.  Not only do they fit but they are long enough!!  I'm pretty excited about my pajama pants!!  In fact, I might go get another pair!

Here is my sweet buddy.  He hasn't felt great for the last few days but today he seemed back to normal.  Love this little man!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 10: Crafty Mama

I've been craving some craft time so my friend Rachel and I decided to attempt a wreath for our door. I am very pleased with how it came out! If you are interested in purchasing one I'll be glad to make you one in the colors of your choice! I'm sure getting in the Christmas spirit...not that it takes much. What a joyful season!!

Of course I had to have another helper.  Stafford was very interested in the bright ornaments.  Next year he'll be helping me create all kinds of things.  I can't wait to decorate cookies, put up the nativity and decorate the tree as a family.  I love my sweet boy and watching the world through his eyes!! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9: Tech Saavy

What's that noise I hear?  Beep.....beep...beep....

Oh just someone calling me on Skype.  I'm pretty popular!

Mama!!  I'm trying to Skype...can I have some privacy!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8: Little Turkey

So thankful for my "little turkey" this year.  I thought Stafford might be too big for the pajamas but it looks like they will fit until Christmas at least!


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