Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5: Pretty Bauble

Everyone who really knows me knows that it is hard for me to be downtown and not stop in Handpicked.  I discovered this cute little gem (ha ha pun intended) when I started my job with the College of Charleston in the summer of 2004.  On my walk to and from work I passed by the storefront and more often than not was enticed to not only go in but to add to my burgeoning jewelry collection.

Now that I'm a Mom I feel way more compelled to spend my excess cash on Stafford than on myself.  But a 50% off coupon drove me to check out Handpicked's latest inventory over the weekend.  I only returned with one purchase and it's a stunner!  I had trouble choosing between these pictures though because I like the tree in the top and the whimsy in the bottom.  Regardless I LOVE the bauble!


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