Monday, August 19, 2013

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday again!  They seem to come faster during the summer.  We can't get enough of Daddy time and we love the weekends!!  Lots of time is spent playing at the local playground.  I am a little spoiled since it is only 2 blocks away.  I think I'll be very picky when it comes to choosing a house next time we move!

The Little Guy got a bike earlier this year as an early birthday present and a "give up your paci" present.  He loves it and wants to ride it all the time.  It's so cute to watch him!  He is looking both ways here before we cross the street to the play ground.
Construction is big at our house right now.  Especially bulldozing.  Bulldozing my flowers.  After planting and replanting the same flowers over and over I finally told Peter we had to build a sandbox.  This little man was so excited!!  Lots of time has already been spent in that box.  Now to teach them that the sand stays in the box!
We had a LONG overdue date night last weekend.  We do our best talking in the car so we drove to Seattle and dined at a yummy Italian place.  I picked it from a list of chef's who I'd seen compete on Food Network shows.  The food was excellent and the company was perfect.  We are definitely making time to do this more often!

The Reedster has been slow on the vocabulary development.  He clearly understands directions and follows them but he isn't talking much.  He says Mama a lot and the occasional Dada.  His newest word is Meow.  Every animal says meow.  And this local cat says meow.  This cat follows us around on walks and occasionally hangs out on the front stoop.  That's as close as he is getting!

The Reedster has also been FULL of cuddles lately.  He wants to hug and kiss and be in my lap all the time.  If I am sitting down he comes and sits with me.  He only stays for about 3 seconds and then makes a few laps around the room and comes to sit again.  I'm loving it.  He has been SO busy and active from the start that it is nice to get some cuddling!

He has also been making our dinner at night so that sure is nice ;)

Perfect summer night.  A walk....the playground...the mountain.  What a view!

This guys turned 3 earlier this month.  We had a little party for him this weekend and he insisted on sleeping with his new train, Belle.  

One more cuddle picture.  I just couldn't resist!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Interview with a 3 Year Old

I can't wait to see how these answers change year after year!

1. What's your favorite color? Blue (this changes daily)
2. What's your favorite toy? Choochoo Train
3. What's your favorite fruit? Raspberries
4. What's your favorite TV show or movie? Diego
5. What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Granola Bar
6. What's your favorite game? Monkey Mathschool Sunshine (math game on my phone)
7. What's your favorite snack? Granola Bar
8. What's your favorite animal? Elephant
9. What's your favorite song? Happy Birthday, If You Are Happy & You Know It, The Skunk Song
10. What's your favorite book? Animals (I have no idea what this means.  I thought for sure he would say Green Eggs & Ham because he wants to read that every night before bed)
11. Who is your best friend? Ethan & Jonathan
12. What's your favorite thing to do outside? Play
13. What's your favorite drink? Milk
14. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Tiger, Scout and Alligator
15. What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Cheeros (cheerios)
16. What do you like to eat at birthday parties? Snacks, I just want to be a big boy (??)
17. What do you want to be when you grow up? no answer
18. Imagine you can become invisible, what would you do? Play
19. I am very proud because.... what makes Stafford happy?  Lemonade and trains
What?? This was so confusing!  I think he wanted me to ask him what makes him happy and then he answered it.  But I have no idea where lemonade comes from...I don't even know if he knows what lemonade is!20. I am afraid/scared.... lions
21. Name one thing you do really well. Play
22. Describe what it means to be a good friend. no answer
23. What's your favorite time of day? no answer
24. Describe your best day ever. Big Ballon 
25. Describe your favorite hobby. I don't know
26. Climbing is.... for children
27. I wish there were a law that said.... "Don't go jump"
28. What makes you feel sad? I don't know.  This question makes me laugh because he tells me all the time now that he is SO sad.
29. What makes you feel happy? trains and books
30. Pretend you can fly. Where would you go? To the airport (his favorite place EVER)
31. Where do you want to go on vacation? airport and firestation
32. If you could choose a different name, what would you choose? Jonathan & Ethan
33. What is your favorite thing to do with Mom and Dad? Laugh (this means wrestle)
34. What would you say about Jesus? Jesus loves us.  Jesus loves you.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Please Wait...The End and The Beginning

Finally having a chance to finish up what's been going on in my life over the past few months.  If you want you can catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2.

As I waited I just felt like I was floundering around.  Was I missing something?  Had my message from God somehow gotten lost in the shuffle of life?

In the meantime I worked on a project with a friend to encourage others.  It was something I felt the Lord prompting me to do.  But I just knew it wasn't "the thing".

Finally Peter and I sat down and discussed the pros and cons of starting my own business.  There were minimal start up fees and a 60 day money back guarantee in case we started and realized it wasn't what God had for us.  We asked the Lord to make it very clear to us about whether or not this was what he wanted me to do with my time and talents.

To be honest I was still very skeptical.  Selfishly I wanted to do something that looked like it made a difference in the world.  I think deep down we all kind of want people to look at us and think, "Wow!!"  But that isn't what the Lord wants.  He wants us to walk humbly with Him.

So with that in mind I signed up to be a consultant with Rodan + Fields.

I immediately regretted my decision about 14 times an hour.  I would asked Peter every day if we made the wrong decision.  But the thing was...God was CLEARLY calling me to do this.  No question.

And here is the crazy part.

When we were discussing this business I felt VERY certain the the Lord wanted me to give back 50% of our profits in some way to Him.  I wasn't sure how that should or would look but I knew that is what He wanted from me.  We have been SO blessed by giving in the past and I was excited about where this was heading.  Literally the day I committed to doing this I felt Him speaking to me again.  I've never had so many different commands from Him at the same time that all tied together in such a neat package.


Instead of adopting our own babies God is clearly calling us as a family to help others.  We are in the very beginning stages of developing a non-profit organization that will aid families who want to adopt. Fifty percent of our Rodan+Fields income will go towards that and hopefully others from all walks of life will want to contribute as well!!

I'm SO excited to share this news.  On the very day I started my business I talked to a dear friend who is potentially considering adoption.  Having her call to congratulate me and ask about my business was just further confirmation that God is clearly at work!  Since then the Lord has just confirmed this over and over!  I have big dreams about bringing home lots of babies so I am hard at work growing my business and praying for the right team members and the right customers to come along.

So...know that anytime you make a purchase from me...sign on to my team...refer someone my are making a difference!!  I will be updating here as things start to come together more and we get started.  If this is something you are passionate about please keep this new venture in your prayers as we seek to honor God in all aspects of this business and setting up the non-profit.


If you are in a period of waiting in your life I would love to pray for you.  Waiting is HARD.  After our experiences over the past few years with Peter's medical issues and even the last few months I think waiting is even harder than no.  You live with a hope and expectation daily that sometimes isn't met for a long time.  If you have something I can pray about for you please email me or send me a message on facebook.  I'd love to hear from you and lift you up!

I really wanted this post to be about GOD and how He made His will known in my life.  I'll be posting a little more about the business side and some answers to questions I've received over the last couple of weeks in a later post.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Miscellany Monday

I can never decide if a week starts on Sunday or Monday.  Last week was one of the hardest weeks I've had in a long time.  Nothing bad happened it was just hard.  I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.  The weekend though....perfection!  So I can't decide if I want Sunday to belong to last week to redeem it or this week to kick it off in an amazing way.  Maybe I'll keep it in both!!


We celebrated six years of marriage yesterday.  It's been a busy six years.  One
cross country move...2 beautiful boys...deployments...Chrohns....cancer....crazy!

I wouldn't change any of it.

So this picture pretty much sums up last week.  We were exhausted but needed to go to the grocery on Friday night.  We had a full cart...groceries for the week...groceries to provide a meal for 14 of us camping (yes we took the boys camping!) and a meal for a friend.  As we are walking towards the checkout there was a "fire emergency" in the building.  We had to evacuate and eventually just left.  It was the worst!

Part of my struggle last week was the weather.  For the most part I have been pleasantly surprise by the weather here in the PNW.  It is mild most of the year and although the winter gets a little long it's much brighter and less rainy than I thought it would be.  Not last week.  It was in the 50s.  In August.  Every morning we would wake up to grey cloudy skies with not a bit of sunshine.  It was just not fun.  If the weather was like this in March I would be fine with it but August?  It's supposed to be our one awesome month!!  I was literally singing praises when I saw the sunrise today for the first time in over a week!!

Yes the camping.  We decided to be brave and go on another adventure this weekend.  We camped in Port Orchard with a group of friends from church.  They boys did so well and we had a great time!  We have a tent on our Christmas list now!!

Last year I adopted this motto in regards to weight loss.  Whenever I wanted to give in I remembered I would be able to look back at my progress.  Over 40 pounds later and it was definitely the right choice!

This year it's my motto for my new business.  I am LOVING being my own boss and am already making money as a consultant for Rodan+Fields.  I love that I don't have to stock inventory or have parties.  Most of all I'm having FUN and working with an awesome team.

I'm looking for people who want to change their lives to join my team!!  Email me with questions and I'll send you a free mini-facial!!


I'm giving away ad space over at Dawn's Disaster so head over this week and enter!


Linking up with Carissa today!!  Happy Monday friends!!


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