Monday, September 30, 2013

The Reedster

The happy guy is almost 18 months old and he could not be any more fun.  He is SO happy all the time I just can't stand it!  I know the days of "no" and "let my lay down on the floor and have a tantrum" are coming so I'm trying to soak in as much of the current Reedster as I can.

Pretty sure he thinks his name is Reedster.  Which is actually better than Baby Reed which is what both Stafford and I have called him for most of his life.  He can't be the baby forever!

His language acquisition has been fun to watch.  He has been saying Mama forever but didn't say anything else for the longest time.  When we went to Colorado earlier this month I told Peter I thought he was getting ready to start saying some words.  I'm not sure what made me think that.  But while we were there he started saying "hi" and waving.  He said "bye".  He also meows like a cat and looks for cats everywhere he goes.  After we pray he will yell out his version of "amen" and just last week started saying "uh oh".  He will also do the hand motion for "all done" and will sometimes say something that sounds like "ah dee."

My favorite thing that he does though is sing.  He LOVES Old McDonald and you will catch him singing "eieio" all through the day.  He also tried to sing along to the ABC song.  It is so cute!

He is very expressive and still smiles for pictures.  He often says "cheese" and will also say this when he carried around a play camera.

He is always on the go.  Never stops.  I can't get him to sit still to TV...cuddle.  Nothing.  He just wants to be going all of the time.  It is fun to watch him play.  He is very independent and I've noticed that he started actually playing with toys long before Stafford did....I'm sure because he had someone to watch!  He will occasionally sit down himself to "read" a book but usually it's because he is looking for a cat!

He climbs everything and seems generally fearless.  He loves the swing and going down the slide.  A few weeks ago we were at a new playground and the slide was really tall.  A few feet taller than me for sure.  I looked up and there he was headed down!  He always goes backwards on his belly.

He will eat most anything but gets excited for bananas and cheese.  I can tell he has started to put on some weight lately so I can't wait to see how much he weighs at his 18 month appointment.  He has 3 teeth in the front on top and 2 molars on top.  The gap in between in hilarious.  Then he has 3 teeth on the bottom.

In generally he is an absolute joy to be around.  He is independent and doesn't need a ton of attention but loves it when you give it to him.  He loves to give hugs and kisses.  He will occasionally blow you a kiss.  He has also started copying many of the things that Stafford does.  My favorite is a fake sneeze.  He must have "sneezed" 25 times today in the car on the way home from base.  

He helps me dress him and is super excited about shoes and socks.  I bought him a pair of cowboy boots and he loves those.  He also knows to take his shoes and put them by the door when he takes them off.  He isn't super verbal but he is very good at following directions and clearly understands what we are asking.  You can often see his little mind working.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things but these are the biggest things going on right now.  We sure love our little Reedster!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Orcas Island Hiking

On our last morning we did some hiking in Moran State Park.  We also drove to the top of Mt. Constitution to see the gorgeous panoramic views.  We were again blessed with gorgeous day!

Hanging out with Ma.  A Rare smile from this little guy!

Ma and Pa and the boys

Our little family

He loves riding on Daddy's shoulders

Grinning at Ma

Loving on Mama....the fog had just rolled in...but you could see for miles and miles!

Ma & Pa

Little Guy

My boys

Love this guy!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Whale Watching

 We've loosely adopted a "we might only be here once" mentality on vacation.  I think you can go overboard with that but we try to use it in moderation.  We have the opportunity to visit some interesting places and we've decided to take advantage of some of the unique things here in the Pacific Northwest.  

One of the Little Guy's favorite shows is Diego.  He loves learning about all of the animals.  One of his favorite episodes is about whales.  I thought he would be thrilled to be on a boat AND be looking for whales but thrilled wouldn't exactly be the right word.  He had fun....but it wasn't the "oh my goodness this is the best day of my life" fun that I thought he might have.  He seems to have developed a strange fear of extreme things.  Swinging too high....boat going too fast...that sort of thing.  However he LOVED wearing the "onoculars" and looking for the whales.  He insisted on wearing them backwards.

Looking for whales with Daddy

It was a GORGEOUS day.  Close to perfect.

A massive orca.  We followed this pod for most of the trip.

Look at this view.  It seriously was incredible.

These 3 traveled together

In addition to the orcas we also saw a humpback whale.  You can see the tail if you look closely in this photo.  

We were also able to see a submarine.  These were Russian submarines that were purchased by the Canadians to protect these waters.  There are six of them.  It is apparently extremely rare to see the humpback and that sub so it was awesome that we were able to see both!

I would totally recommend a whale watching excursion.  It was pricey and we were very thankful to have my parents on board with us.  We took the 3 hour cruise and it was a long time to have both boys occupied.  My parents were a great help and it enabled Peter and I to get some time to enjoy the trip.  We were also SO blessed to have such a gorgeous day.  It was sunny and warm enough to be outside on the boat.  We also had a fantastic guide who told us stories and gave us information about the surrounding islands.

So thankful to have had to opportunity to do something so fun!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Orcas Island-Day 1

Now that it's September I thought it was appropriate to start post about everything we did in MAY.  Geez.  How did I get so far behind?

My parents came to see us in May and we decided to take advantage of the great weather and head up to the San Juan Islands.  We stayed at a beautiful resort on Orcas Island and enjoyed sunny days and gorgeous scenery.  We also MIGHT have spent over 3 hours in the ferry terminal because yours truly doesn't know how to read a ferry schedule.  Might have.

Here are a few candids from our first day on the island.

Exploring the beach and waterfall behind.  Someday he will look at the camera again.

This picture cracks me up because this is what 99% of pictures look like when you have children.  I couldn't help but include it.

View from Anacortes while we waited and waited and waited for the ferry.

View from the ferry

Still waiting for the ferry....I just have to note that I am wearing no makeup in this picture.  For those of you who know me you know what a big deal this is.  Taking care of my skin = life changing!!

Stay tuned for pictures of our whale watching adventures!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

He Called Me Out

It's finally Fall here and that means getting back into some sort of a routine.  We don't have much of one at 3 and 17 months but there are a couple of activities we do weekly and it's nice to be back into the swing of things.  Sort of.

I'm not a morning person.  That's kind of an understatement.  Well not kind of.  I just LOVE sleep so much.  I was created for sleep.  And crepes with nutella.

We started back at Bible Study Fellowship this Wednesday and I was determined to be on time.  I took my shower the night before so I would just have to jump out of bed, get the boys ready and go.  I always think I have more time than I do.  And I always think what I plan to do is going to take less time than it will.  And I'm always late.

So we got into the car about 10 minutes later than I had hoped.  The Little Guy was SO excited about going to church and playing with toys and having a snack and learning about Jesus.  He is really into helping to buckle his carseat buckles and usually I'm fine with that.  But he was taking forever.  And when I tried to help him he got fussy.  And I just reacted.  I gave him a little pop on his thigh and told him to stop.

And he cried.

I got in the front seat feeling horrible because here we were heading to bible study to learn about Jesus and I had just totally unjustly punished my child for trying to HELP!

And from the backseat he says, "Mama you need to be kind."


So much shame.

But if I've learned anything as a parent it's that he is watching me.  And so I turned around (I hadn't started the car yet) and I grabbed his hand and I told him he was right.  And I told him I was sorry.  And I told him I loved him.

And you know what he said to me?

"Mama will you hold me hand?"

Forgiveness.  Kids do it best.  They are awesome at calling you out and awesome at forgiving you for messing up.

I'm determined this year to not punish my children for my lack of preparation.  They have no idea what time is.  They can not dress or feed themselves.  It's up to me to wake up or start things on time in order for us to get out the door and on time to church...a playdate...wherever.

So no more yelling hurry up.  No more frustration taken out on them.

I'm going to be kind!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Home Again

Now that you've picked yourself up off the floor from the shock of the fact that I'm actually posting....

I'm back!  Literally.

We just got back from an interesting/wonderful family vacation.  We visited with friends, ate great food and saw beautiful things.  Why interesting you ask?  Well this vacation gets it's own post.  It was crazy and fun all in one.  And I for one am thrilled to be back home!

Here we are stuck on the skylift at the zoo in Colorado Springs.  You know...the kind that's open...with no seatbelt.  


We have been doing all kinds of fun things locally this summer and honestly I've just been trying to enjoy the time with my boys instead of sitting in front of the computer.  They are at a hard but fun age and most days I feel like it takes all of my energy to get them dressed and fed!

One of my favorite things we did this summer....5 mile hike through the snow at Mt. Rainier


My naptime activities have consisted of working on my new business!!  Can I tell you how extremely excited I am about this business?  My team is customers are seeing amazing results....and I am able to contribute to our income.  It's a win-win-win situation (Michael Scott anyone?)

The best part about this business?  There are so many!

1. I get to do it all on my own time.
2. No inventory.
3. No parties
4. Amazing 60 day money back guarantee on ALL products and the business opportunity
5. My skin is glowing!!
6. My acne is non-existent
7. My children no longer are itchy from eczema
8. I get to work with awesome women everyday!

Y'all this business and these products are legit!!  I'll be sharing a little more about them over the next few weeks but if you have questions or would like to be a part of this by purchasing or joining as a consultant please contact me!!!

I'll be running a blog special this me and mention that you read about my business on the blog.  If you decide you'd like to be a consultant I'll give you $100 in cash!!  If you become a Preferred Customer I'll send you $25.  Refer someone else?  I'll send you another $25!!

You can email me at

I LOVE Rodan + Fields and I know you will too!!


It's starting to feel  little like Fall here.  I was hoping to wait a couple more weeks before I switched the boys summer and winter clothes but I think I need to go ahead and do it.  Traditionally I buy ahead and I got out some pants for the not-so Little Guy today and they were SO short!  So it looks like it's back to the drawing board for him!!

Hiking in the Olympics....we need winter clothes year round here!


I can't decide if I'm excited for Fall or not.  Summer just seemed to FLY by this year.  I've never been one of those people that loves Fall.  I don't dislike it but to me it's always meant cold weather and dark days.  I live for the second week in February when the day start really getting longer again!!  I'm going to find some fun things to do AND get a new light fixture for my dining room to help me cope with the impending dark!!

What are YOU excited about today?


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