Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Recently Peter and I figured out that we could save approximately 250 dollars a year if I learned to cut his hair. This sounds much more exciting when you realized this is 1000 dollars every 4 years. That's a LOT of clothes for Baby E (and Momma E)!!
Tonight I decided to take the hair-cutting to another level. So.....we tried a "Bear"-cut. As in, I cut the dog's hair. Now I have trimmed up his face or ears or other spots before but I've never clipped it.
Surprisingly enough it actually turned out alright! Bear got a big treat and I save another 30 bucks since I didn't have to take him to be groomed. Granted it doesn't look quite as good as it does when he goes...and he didn't get a cute report card for me to hang on the fridge (oh yeah, I totally hang up my dog's report card) but it looks pretty darn good! We'll save the grooming haircuts for when the grandparents come into town or holidays!
What are you doing at your house to save money?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dealing with Death

It has been such a joy lately to share in fun news with friends. Peter and I are definitely at the stage where most people around us are happily married and starting to or continually adding to their families. It is fun to share in pregnancy with good girlfriends and definitely fun to look forward to play dates, funny things our children will say and just being a family together!
Unfortunately the older we get the more we also seem to deal with death. Peter and I have both been very fortunate. He still has 2 grandparents and I still have 3. The older I get the more I realize how special that "grandparent" time is to children. It is a little strange looking at our parents and realizing that our children will not know them as "parents" but as "grandparents".
Peter and I are blessed with so many grandparent memories. I look forward to making those memories with my parents and my children as well.
Sometimes we have people in our lives that provide a lot of the same benefits that grandparents can provide. In my life one of those couples is LeRoy and Jackie Saunier. Jackie was my Bible Quizzing coach for 6 years and put up with a lot of middle-school Laura. Looking back now I am so thankful for the benefits I reaped by spending lots of close time with both Jackie and LeRoy. Those years were so important in my spiritual growth and development and they both prayed for me and set an example for me that I strive to achieve.
Today after a long illness LeRoy was blessed to finally go on to be with the Lord. It's interesting how different people can see death. I feel fortunate that I am able to rejoice with LeRoy and his family that he is in heaven. I am thankful that we can be confident of that. I am thankful for his life and testimony. I am thankful for his example. I am thankful for his prayers.
I hope someday when Peter and I are the age of Jackie and LeRoy that we will remember to invest in the lives of others. I hope someone will be able to say that they were confident we prayed for them and that we tried to be an example for them.
Our pastor always says you should finish strong. You never "retire" from your faith. And I'm telling you what, LeRoy Saunier sprinted to the finish!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun Giveaway

It is rare in life that you get to keep a "best" guy friend that you had growing up. Usually one or the other of you has a crush on the other one or you just drift apart. I however have the wonderful pleasure of having a great "best" guy friend AND I get his wife and family too!
Sam, Amber and the newest member, Baby Bennett are important pieces in my life! Sam and I have been friends since my sophomore year at Grove City College. (I'm not going to say how long that actually is because then you'll know how OLD we both are!) When he met Amber I was so excited because she is just as amazing as he is!
Amber blogs about her life as a christian wife, friend and now mother on her blog, Amber's Articles. This week she is doing a fun Candleberry Candle giveaway. Hop on over to Amber's blog and enter for a yummy scented candle from her hometown-well, one of them! Follow Amber's blog for a super honest outlook on life. She is so real and fun to follow!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Power of the Belly

At different times in life it's always been fun to talk about what type of superpower you would want to have. I'm sure when I was little it was something like the Midas Touch or being able to turn into She-Ra and then when I was a college student it was being able to overhear conversations. In recent years it's been more like "I want to eat whatever I want whenever I want and still look like Jennifer Aniston". That, by the way, doesn't work just in case you were thinking of trying it.

I'm sure this little boy is someday going to wish for super powers too. What he doesn't realize is that he and I together are "The Power of the Belly."

Today I waddled down (I say waddled because I really do feel like I have hit that stage of pregnancy-plus it sounds better) to the pool here at Maxwell Air Force Base. Since Peter is here for a 5 week school I came to visit. Having never lived on a military base I forget the rules a lot. Rule number one whenever you go however is "you must have your ID". So of course I walk in the blistering sun and finally locate the pool and to my chagrin the sign reads "100% ID Check." Duh. Of course it does. I should never have left my room without my ID. Peter has two questions for me whenever we leave the house: 1. Can I wear shorts? and 2. Do you have your ID? I should have known.

Anyway, I look all pathetic, waddly and honestly just kind of fat at this point and I think the pool attendant felt really bad for me. I asked him how much it was and then he says "Oh, and do you have your ID?" Clearly the answer was no but did I have to walk back to my room in the sun? Did I have to beg to get in? Did I have to explain why? Nope. Nice high school pool attendant just looks at me and says, "No big deal, it's a dollar to get in, just sign in." Oh nice high school pool attendant how much do my large belly and self love you right now? Quite a lot I'd say.

The belly has other powers too apparently. Friends have told me of going to the first of the line when waiting in the restroom and even being given a table at a popular "seat yourself" restaurant.

Have YOU experienced the power of the belly?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happiness is....

Two toothbrushes side by side......a kiss before Peter leaves for "work".....VOQ in the microwave....letting Peter feel the baby move....sleeping together in a double bed!!

There is nothing like being reunited with your sweet husband! I am so thankful we get to spend this week together!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heartburn Foods....Oops!

According to WebMD (I can't really vouch for it's validity but it was the first article that came up in my search), here are the top ten foods that might cause heartburn. If you've never had heartburn before I hope you don't ever!
1. Citrus fruits
2. Tomatoes
3. Garlic
4. Spicy Foods
5. Peppermint
6. Foods high in fat (cheese for example)
7. Alcohol
8. Caffeine
9. Chocolate
10. Carbonated Beverages
Oops on dinner tonight. My menu consisted of a fruit smoothie (blueberries, banana, ice and OJ), a tomato, garlic, balsamic vinegar and cheese sandwich, and a few bites of chocolate ice cream (just a few I swear!!!).

So I managed to cover 1, 2, 3, 6, and 9 all in one meal. This is a pretty typical meal for me when Peter is gone, especially the sandwich. It's just something I made up but here is how I do it:

Slice focaccia bread in half.

Lightly coat with olive oil.

Stack with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, garlic salt and basil.

Broil on low for 2-4 minutes or until cheese gets melty and good!

Cover with balsamic vinegar. I use LOTS!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things that Made This Day Wonderful

(This little frog has nothing to do with my list but I found him on my tomato plant yesterday and I thought he was cute!)

1. A massage at the chiropractor-hello laying on my stomach...I have missed you!!

2. A wonderful doctor's appointment.

3. Yummy dinner with fabulous friends.

4.Little Ethan sleeping on my belly.

5. Cloudy 82 degree least until around noon.

6. Cuddly Little Bear

7. A phone call from a dear friend

8. Top Chef!!

9. The newest issue of Parent's magazine....thanks to Megan :)

10. My sweet sweet husband and just knowing how much he loves me & our sweet baby!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love Never Fails

Our wedding day was picture perfect. I wouldn't change a thing about it. But if I could add a song to it boy would it be this one. What a beautiful picture of love! I am so blessed as I read through these lyrics and see pictures of my life in the words!! I am so thankful for a Godly man who shoes me love everyday!
Enjoy the lyrics to "Love Never Fails" by Brandon Heath.

Love is not proud
Love does not boast
Love after all
Matters the most
Love does not run
Love does not hide
Love does not keep
Locked inside
Love is the river that flows through
Love never fails you
Love will sustain
Love will provide
Love wil not cease
At the end of time
Love will protect
Loves always hopes
Love still believes
When you don't

Love is the arms that are holding you
Love never fails you
When my heart won't make a sound
When I can't turn back around
When the sky is falling down
Nothing is greater than this....Greater than this.

Love is right here
Love is alive
Love is the way
The truth the life
Love is the rivers that flows through
Love is the arms that are holding you
Love is the place you will fly to
Love never fails you

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Garden

Don't get me wrong....I love my neighborhood. It's been the perfect option for us during our time in Charleston. Granted we thought we'd be gone long before now, but that's for another post.

One of the things I most look forward to when we eventually move is having a yard with a fence. I look forward to being able to let Bear outside without a leash. I look forward to being able to lay outside in the sun. Most of all I look forward to having a flower garden, vegetable garden and herb garden.

Until then I'll be satisfied with my "pot" garden. Recently I had to move it to my front porch because of the insane heat wave. This is eventually going to pose a problem when I need to take the garbage out. Regardless, I have had fun learning to cultivate my little garden. Above are my flowers, thyme, 2 types of tomatoes, watermelon (just for kicks), rosemary, lavender, basil, lemon balm and mint.
Do you garden? What have you had luck with? Do you use any of your garden items in recipes? In the next couple of weeks I'll share some of my garden recipes!

Hey Daddy!!....Little Bear says "Hi" and we miss you!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Brag Blog...

I need a brag book for this baby already. Once he arrives I am sure I'll have multitudes of photos that I have an uncontrollable urge to share with everyone I meet. But for now I'll try to contain myself to a few. We've been blessed to be part of a fetal growth research study at MUSC that requires us to get multiple 3-D ultrasounds. I majorly look forward to seeing Baby E up on the big screen. Here are a few of my favorite shots.
February 2010 12 weeks

April 2010, 20 weeks

30 weeks (you can see him smile at 17 seconds)

I can't wait to meet this little guy in person. And I apologize in advance if I catch you on the street and have to show you about 1700 photos. That's what new mommies do!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Television Obsession

For years I've been joking about the fact that you can't call my parents on Thursdays from 8-9 because it means they are watching Survivor. Peter and I didn't even have a TV for most of our first year of marriage and I've never considered myself must of a television junkie. This all changed when I discovered the world of Reality TV.....FOOD Reality TV!! Here is what you'll find me watching this summer.....I promise I'll call you back when it's over!!

The Next Food Network Star. Bobby Flay & Giada (my FAV!!) co-host this search for the next person that will star on the Food Channel. Food and TV challenges occur in each episode and a contestant is eliminated each week. Tune in on Sunday nights if you want to find out who wins!
Top Chef. Wow can these people cook! I am amazed at what they come up with at the drop of a hat without any time to prepare. I LOVE elimination shows and I LOVE watching people who can really cook work in the kitchen! This season starts June the 16th!!

Iron Chef America. My old stand-by. I don't miss it! And if I miss the Sunday evening episode....well it runs again on Thursday night and twice on Saturday! Plenty of opportunity to catch these masters in action!

Do you have any shows you can't miss? What are they?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Are you craving??

Honestly, when am I not craving ice cream? I don't even need to be craving it...I just never need an excuse for ice cream! A few weeks ago I decided I needed a healthy option to all those chocolate milkshakes from Chick-fil-A. So...I found this recipe. It is a frozen yogurt recipe and you can modify it based on the fruit of your choice. The flavor of the week at the Euler house is peach!

Frozen Yogurt

1 cup milk

2 cups plain yogurt

1 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk (i use fat-free)

2 cups pureed fruit of your choice

3 tsp. vanilla

Mix all ingredients and make in your ice-cream maker according to the directions. Let yogurt firm for 2-4 hours before serving. Try not to eat it all!!!

This recipe comes from the Taste of Home website.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Parents...

Chez Euler welcomes the Roxberry family-my wonderful parents! They are here to help us with the Little Guy's room and some other projects around the house. We have been looking forward to their visit for quite some time! I'll be posting some updates on our projects over the next few days but for now you'll just have to enjoy their cute, smiling, matchy-matchy selves below!

Devon & Don, Spring 2009

Monday, June 7, 2010


Things that make me excited.....

The combination of blue and green. A beautiful example of the Creator's creativity. Especially in nature. Especially when I capture it on camera after semi-stalking a peacock for an hour in Prague.

Being blessed with an amazing best friend, Jared, who loves me and my husband. What fun to add to the family! We'll carry on the tradtion with Baby Hannah and Baby E.

Baby E!!!! Enough said!

Anytime I see a C-17 flying over Charleston. Especially when there is a sunset. Especially if I'm having a bad day. Extra-especially if Pete is gone. I love that beautiful plane!

Caprese salad. Yum....yum.....yum!!!
What makes you excited??

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Hero...

Ok so this might be a bit of an exaggeration. But seriously...I majorly love my chiropractor. Not only does she do an amazing job, she is also hilarious and my spirits are always lifted after visiting her.

I've been having migraines since high school. I usually have to sleep them off and have to sit up to do so. I have to be in a dark room and it often hurts my head to talk. Since I've been visiting Dr. Miller my headaches have gone away. It is fabulous! The verdict is still out on the whole "giving birth" part but Dr. Miller has a special place in her heart for all the pregnant ladies out there. She specializes in making the birthing process as natural and easy for women as possible.
If you are looking for a chiropractor I would totally suggest visiting Dr. Miller's office. Her staff is wonderful and friendly and it is a pleasure to visit the office! She also won't put you on a "plan" but instead treats each case individually and makes sure you are comfortable with the type of visit and the number of visits you are making. You won't find a better chiropractor in Charleston!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Best Friend in the Kitchen

Other than the cream maker (lol)....what is your best friend in the kitchen? When I got married I had no idea that this little creature would become my new best friend. Now I have to say other than a knife and maybe a frying pan, this gets the most use of any of my kitchen gadgets. Introducing....The Vidalia Onion Chopper.

Some of my love for this might stem from our insatiable craving for what we call "Allison's Salsa". Consisting of chopped onions, tomatoes and avocados, it can be time consuming to make. Not with my dear friend the onion chopper! I simply slice each veggie and then chop away! It is so handy AND keeps me from crying while I chop onions! This is seriously the best twenty bucks you can spend!

Due to it's popularity in our family and for all who are now addicted....
Allison's Salsa or Gualsa
1 avocado
2 roma or plum tomatoes
1/3 cup red onion
1/3 cup feta cheese
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2-4 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tbsp chopped cilantro
Chop veggies....mix and enjoy!! (I add the EVOO and Red Wine Vinegar to taste)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Miss Nola

Today's blog star is my sister's adorable daughter, Nola Louise. Known by her mother as Miss Nola, this little girl is about as cute as they come. I'm not sure there is a child out there who has hair quite as fabulous, especially at 7 months of age. And I must say, her green, striped, ruffled bikini is quite chic. I bet you can't guess who picked that one out!

Here is Nola taking after her Mom and Aunt Laura already.....spending some fun in the sun! And clearly loving it!
I can't wait until Nola has a cousin to play with! It's going to be so much fun!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Guy....

This is the original "Little Guy" in our house. We keep reminding Bear that the new "Little Guy" won't be the little one for doesn't take much to pass up a 7 pound Bear!
Today I am thankful for Little Bear because he is such good company for me. I am so thankful that we got a cuddly, sweet puppy! He makes me laugh and always makes my day a little brighter, especially when Peter is away. God knows how to bless us even in very small, loud, fluffy packages!


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