Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Power of the Belly

At different times in life it's always been fun to talk about what type of superpower you would want to have. I'm sure when I was little it was something like the Midas Touch or being able to turn into She-Ra and then when I was a college student it was being able to overhear conversations. In recent years it's been more like "I want to eat whatever I want whenever I want and still look like Jennifer Aniston". That, by the way, doesn't work just in case you were thinking of trying it.

I'm sure this little boy is someday going to wish for super powers too. What he doesn't realize is that he and I together are "The Power of the Belly."

Today I waddled down (I say waddled because I really do feel like I have hit that stage of pregnancy-plus it sounds better) to the pool here at Maxwell Air Force Base. Since Peter is here for a 5 week school I came to visit. Having never lived on a military base I forget the rules a lot. Rule number one whenever you go however is "you must have your ID". So of course I walk in the blistering sun and finally locate the pool and to my chagrin the sign reads "100% ID Check." Duh. Of course it does. I should never have left my room without my ID. Peter has two questions for me whenever we leave the house: 1. Can I wear shorts? and 2. Do you have your ID? I should have known.

Anyway, I look all pathetic, waddly and honestly just kind of fat at this point and I think the pool attendant felt really bad for me. I asked him how much it was and then he says "Oh, and do you have your ID?" Clearly the answer was no but did I have to walk back to my room in the sun? Did I have to beg to get in? Did I have to explain why? Nope. Nice high school pool attendant just looks at me and says, "No big deal, it's a dollar to get in, just sign in." Oh nice high school pool attendant how much do my large belly and self love you right now? Quite a lot I'd say.

The belly has other powers too apparently. Friends have told me of going to the first of the line when waiting in the restroom and even being given a table at a popular "seat yourself" restaurant.

Have YOU experienced the power of the belly?


Amber Cullum said...

OH yes!!! It was my due date, the day after, and the day after when a good friend of mine, who is a PGA golfer, had a tournament near Tampa. Sam, myself, and some friends walked the course 3 days in a row and people were constantly offering me their chair. It was rather nice!!

Meghan said...

love it!!!

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