Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Recently Peter and I figured out that we could save approximately 250 dollars a year if I learned to cut his hair. This sounds much more exciting when you realized this is 1000 dollars every 4 years. That's a LOT of clothes for Baby E (and Momma E)!!
Tonight I decided to take the hair-cutting to another level. So.....we tried a "Bear"-cut. As in, I cut the dog's hair. Now I have trimmed up his face or ears or other spots before but I've never clipped it.
Surprisingly enough it actually turned out alright! Bear got a big treat and I save another 30 bucks since I didn't have to take him to be groomed. Granted it doesn't look quite as good as it does when he goes...and he didn't get a cute report card for me to hang on the fridge (oh yeah, I totally hang up my dog's report card) but it looks pretty darn good! We'll save the grooming haircuts for when the grandparents come into town or holidays!
What are you doing at your house to save money?


Amber Cullum said...

I cut Sam's hair. I have been doing it since we were engaged. I have also returned to couponing and watching for B1G1 at the grocery. I have quit getting my hair highlighted (that may change now that I get a new gray hair daily). Plus, we are getting back on our budget using cash for everything.

Laura said...

I need to start couponing! I promised Peter I would learn before Baby E arrives and I'm running out of time!! Maybe I'll find some online stuff next week while on vacation!

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