Monday, July 17, 2017

May & June 2016

neighborhood bikers

Little Climber

Soccer Star

The card Stafford picked out for his friend cute!

First Roller Skating Party

Watching big brothers soccer game

Mothers Day Flowers

Gymnast in the making

First & Last Day of Preschool....with his buddy Cash

Zoo Day

The family that recycles together.....

One of our favorite local playgrounds

Most Improved in soccer this year

Another favorite playground

Grant man....4 months along

She asked to sit in my lap to eat breakfast this day.  I figure this is the kind of thing that won't happen too often.  So I let her.

Went to Branson, MO to see the Titanic Museum


my little one is always bringing me her sweet heart


Helping with laundry

Playing at our friends' pool

The summer of Lego creations

Sweet Moments

Zoo Trip

She sat down and told me "I'm tired of walking"

Practicing his basketball

Making it official....becoming a family of six

9 kiddos and three on the way....our framily

VBS 2016

Date Night

Jeni's Ice Cream

Love it.  She runs out to get me "breakfast in bed"

Lego Chopped


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