Monday, July 17, 2017

March & April 2016

Our Lego creations are getting more and more complex

My favorite thing KJ does with her blanket.  I call her my little eastern european woman.  

naptime selfies

Dr. Suess Day at school....we made Suessical Snack Mix

It's time to move that chair!

Chattanooga Marathon

Oh that little nose...that little ponytail...that little lady!

She was drinking "coffee"

Our finished guest room

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Feeding her baby

We wear a lot of our lunch

Love this picture of her napping. She still looks so tiny.  Almost 2!

He was SO excited about the daffodils blooming!


First real ponytail & a zoo day

Crazy little climber

Egg hunt at the Y

She calls this her "game"

Headed to KY 

park visit with Namaw

Pittsburgh for the evening

Taking the kids to meet Grandma & see Grove City

Sometimes we accidentally dress alike

Love that she was so sweet to her great-grandma

first selfies...haha!

dessert party to celebrate Kelsey's 2nd birthday

Stafford's first soccer team

Girlfriend climbs on anything she can!

He loves all kinds of little creatures

Blanket on the head as usual!

I told her I needed a garbage can and she delivered!

The trees at our neighborhood entrance are gorgeous


He told us there was a mud puddle and he just "got dirty"

CUBS game...little did we know we were watching a World Series Championship team!!!

4 years with this guy!

Happy Birthday Reedster

He likes pretending he is a sloth.

Night before the big race...

Boston Marathon qualifier!!!

First picture of the Grant-man

rest area stop on the way home from KY

Future chef


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