Monday, July 17, 2017

O Where O Where

Six months after we were married Peter was set to deploy.  It was going to be the first time in my life that I lived alone.  Before we were married I always had roommates or residence halls full of people around to keep me company.  I had two requests...

a TV and a dog.

I found Bear from a reputable breeder in Kentucky and we picked him up the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2007.  We had been married a little over three months.  Although not without his faults, he was a wonderful companion to me, especially before we had the kids.

I love watching God provide in tangible ways.  Peter and I made the decision that shipping Bear to a foreign country would be both hard on him and hard on us as we adjusted to many new things.  We prayed for a good home for him.


Halfway through our assignment at Scott we needed a change.  2014-2015 was one of the hardest times in our lives.  We a potential deployment impending we wanted to be closer to our church and the boys' school.  I prayed for a house in a certain neighborhood to open in a certain time frame.  And one did.  When we went to look at it much to our surprise the boys' preschool teacher opened the door!  I couldn't believe it.  We maybe knew two people in O'Fallon and she was one of them!

We moved into the house and over the next year became closer as both R & K had her in class.  

After I had G this past year she graciously agreed to drop S home after school every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  One day I jokingly asked her if they were looking for a dog.

And the rest is history.

Bear Bear is now happily enjoying his new home and we are ever so grateful.  It was hard to give him up.  The kids still ask about him but knowing he is with someone we know and love helps!

I'll leave you with the Bear themesong....written by Peter....his biggest fan.

Oh where oh where can my Bear be?
He likes to run, jump & pee.
He is a furry, furry white dog
Barking at the squirrels and pawing at the frogs.

Here he comes and there he goes
Where he's been, no one knows
Ring the bell, call his name
Soon you'll find that he is not that sane.


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