Monday, July 17, 2017

Grant's 8 Month Update

Dear Grant,

Happy 8 months!  The last month has been full of fun and you are slowly becoming accustomed to our new life here in Italy!

You've gone from a "sleep all nighter and nap all-dayer" to a "I wake up 3 times a night and need you to lay down with me to nap" kind of guy. It's been frustrating since we are all sharing a room and can't let you cry at all.  Hopefully your crib will arrive soon and we can start sleeping a little better!

You are sitting up like a champ now!  Occasionally you fall but I've been surprised at how quickly you went from a couple of seconds to really as long as you want!  I finally switched you from your 3-6 and 6 months clothes into 9 month clothes.  You are still very short compared to your brothers at this age!

We started solids this month and you seem to love them!  I'm hoping that adding in solids to your diet will help with your sleeping.  It certainly hasn't helped with your tendency to have lots of blowouts!  I don't want to embarrass you but wow....I think it's a lot more noticeable since we don't have a washing machine right now.

You've started talking a lot more and have been making "da da da" sounds when you play in your crib.  We've also started having you ride in your stroller without the carseat.  I think you love it!

Grant-man your smile just lights up our life!!  We love you so very much!!!

Mama & Daddy


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