Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Please Wait...The End and The Beginning

Finally having a chance to finish up what's been going on in my life over the past few months.  If you want you can catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2.

As I waited I just felt like I was floundering around.  Was I missing something?  Had my message from God somehow gotten lost in the shuffle of life?

In the meantime I worked on a project with a friend to encourage others.  It was something I felt the Lord prompting me to do.  But I just knew it wasn't "the thing".

Finally Peter and I sat down and discussed the pros and cons of starting my own business.  There were minimal start up fees and a 60 day money back guarantee in case we started and realized it wasn't what God had for us.  We asked the Lord to make it very clear to us about whether or not this was what he wanted me to do with my time and talents.

To be honest I was still very skeptical.  Selfishly I wanted to do something that looked like it made a difference in the world.  I think deep down we all kind of want people to look at us and think, "Wow!!"  But that isn't what the Lord wants.  He wants us to walk humbly with Him.

So with that in mind I signed up to be a consultant with Rodan + Fields.

I immediately regretted my decision about 14 times an hour.  I would asked Peter every day if we made the wrong decision.  But the thing was...God was CLEARLY calling me to do this.  No question.

And here is the crazy part.

When we were discussing this business I felt VERY certain the the Lord wanted me to give back 50% of our profits in some way to Him.  I wasn't sure how that should or would look but I knew that is what He wanted from me.  We have been SO blessed by giving in the past and I was excited about where this was heading.  Literally the day I committed to doing this I felt Him speaking to me again.  I've never had so many different commands from Him at the same time that all tied together in such a neat package.


Instead of adopting our own babies God is clearly calling us as a family to help others.  We are in the very beginning stages of developing a non-profit organization that will aid families who want to adopt. Fifty percent of our Rodan+Fields income will go towards that and hopefully others from all walks of life will want to contribute as well!!

I'm SO excited to share this news.  On the very day I started my business I talked to a dear friend who is potentially considering adoption.  Having her call to congratulate me and ask about my business was just further confirmation that God is clearly at work!  Since then the Lord has just confirmed this over and over!  I have big dreams about bringing home lots of babies so I am hard at work growing my business and praying for the right team members and the right customers to come along.

So...know that anytime you make a purchase from me...sign on to my team...refer someone my way....you are making a difference!!  I will be updating here as things start to come together more and we get started.  If this is something you are passionate about please keep this new venture in your prayers as we seek to honor God in all aspects of this business and setting up the non-profit.


If you are in a period of waiting in your life I would love to pray for you.  Waiting is HARD.  After our experiences over the past few years with Peter's medical issues and even the last few months I think waiting is even harder than no.  You live with a hope and expectation daily that sometimes isn't met for a long time.  If you have something I can pray about for you please email me or send me a message on facebook.  I'd love to hear from you and lift you up!

I really wanted this post to be about GOD and how He made His will known in my life.  I'll be posting a little more about the business side and some answers to questions I've received over the last couple of weeks in a later post.


Lauren- SAHM I am said...

Do you have a website we can purchase from? What an uplifting story, thanks for sharing!

Kristi said...

I ALMOST started a Rodan + Fields business...and backed out at the last minute. I understand the back and forth. Excited for you though, and what a great thing to commit to from the start.

Stopped by from the SDJ Live Your Story linkup=)

Penny@Living on Purpose said...

What a great post. I love reading how God is using people to do His work! I have been through the "waiting", but as you know when you wait on Him and His timing, the outcome is absolutely amazing!

I will be praying for your business and for your non-profit (which I think is going to be a tremendous blessing to countless lives)

God bless you and your husband!

Designer Mommy said...

What a beautiful story! I love the way God works!

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