Friday, July 26, 2013

Please Wait....Part II

God has definitely told me "Please wait" before.  In fact when I was working at the College of Charleston I had a sign printed out that I hung on my refrigerator with those words on it.  It's one of the only times in my life I felt the Lord almost audibly speak to me.  I felt like I needed to see them often to remind myself.  In some ways they were a command and yet I felt they were a promise.

Please wait.

This time though I just felt confused.  The earthly part of me wanted God to have some kind of master plan where I saved the world.  All of the sudden I'd write a bestseller that changed people's lives.  Or maybe we'd open an orphanage.  Sometimes I think we sit down and think of who people will remember us as and we forget to be who we are.  Who we're meant to be.

So instead I just sat back.  Somedays I was kind of angry.  I was ready to start doing something.  And yet God was eerily silent.

Or so I thought.

Back in January a friend of mine approached me about a business opportunity and like the mature person I was I looked at it, thought it was NOT something I was interested in and then never got back in touch with her.

We finally touched base in March and although what she presented to me was intriguing I still wasn't ready to jump on.  Plus God wasn't interested in me selling skincare.  He wanted me to change the world.

About the same time Peter and I started discussing expanding our family.  Timeline...etc.  We knew we wanted more children and I had been discussing adoption as an option someday.  I started thinking that this was our time.  Friends were adopting.  I was reading all of these blogs about adoptive Mamas.  I began to think this was the Lord's answer to my prayers.

Except it takes two people to be on board.  And one of us wasn't.

And I was kind of mad.

I didn't understand why Peter couldn't see why we should adopt NOW!  It was a great way to show God's love to a child that otherwise might not have a family.  Clearly we should be doing this.

Please wait said my husband.

And if I've learned one thing from my marriage I've learned to follow the lead of the Godly man that I married.  It's hard to follow when you like to be in front.  But I feel SO strongly that this is my role as a wife.  Plus it's easy to follow someone who is consistently seeking the Lord and clearly values my thoughts and opinions so much when making decisions.

Those two words again.

Please wait.


Clearly this is taking longer than I thought to process and write!  Hope you'll come back for the end....whenever I get there!!


Sydney said...

Thank you Laura for this. I needed it more than I knew. My husband and I have been seeing a RE for almost a year. In March we finally got pregnant but later lost that miracle in May. After 2 cycles I was ready to start the fertility treatments again...but my husband wasn't. It is a hard pill to swallow sometimes when it is the only thing I think about, but my husband's pain of our miscarriage should not be dismissed. This is what I needed to hear today and I thank you for your words. I blog over at so feel free to stop by and say hello!

The Leeds said...

Have been terrible in blog reading of late, but saw this title and headed over. He's been telling me "Wait" for a while too, and I don't know for what. Trusting that He'll give me a heads up when the thing I'm waiting for presents itself. :-) It's nice to hear that you're working through waiting as well.

Misty Boone said...

Laura, thank you for the reminder that things might be part of His plan for us, but they happen in His timing.


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