Monday, July 29, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

Well I conquered a major feat this weekend.  A five mile hike on Mt. Rainier?  No problem.  My foray into Forever 21.  Scary.  At least in the past.

This time I enlisted the help of my awesome friend Erin to help me literally WADE through the massive amount of clothing.  I swear this store is the size of a small country.  But somehow with a good friend it was WAY less intimidating than the last time I tried to shop there.  That time I left feeling like a granny.  The music was too loud.  The clothes were too tight.  I got lost about 8 times.

This is my FAVorite thing I came home with.  Plus I found a chambray shirt.  I've only been looking for one since about March.

I try to be good about not posting pictures that might embarrass my children one day.  But that all goes out the window when they decide to empty an entire canister of oats and then play in them.  Apparently eating oats by the fistful is delicious.

We had a garage sale in may of this year and I purged a LOT.  I got rid of toys, clothes, shoes, random kitchen items.

Yet I STILL feel like we have too much stuff!  I can't figure out the balance between being prepared and having a house that is stuffed to the gills.
I've decided to take a break from "dieting".  I've concentrated so hard this past year on eating the "right" things that I don't even enjoy eating or cooking anymore.  I miss cooking like I miss a good friend.  So I'm cooking again.  Healthy stuff.  But whatever I want.  Even if it has dairy or grains.


We did a crazy hike at Mt. Rainier this weekend.  We didn't realize how crazy it would be but here are a couple of pictures.  I'll be posting many more because it was gorgeous.  I was exhausted after toting Reed for over 4 hours and 5 miles.  This wasn't your ordinary hike!

All the trail looks clear here!

Beautiful meadows of wildflowers through most of the first couple of miles.

Gorgeous view!

At the top of the hike.  Panorama Point.

You probably can't read this sign but it says "Steep and Icy Trail"  It was a little crazy!


Well it is practically Tuesday by the time I'm finishing this.  Busy and fun day with my little ones.

Hope your Monday was fabulous!!


Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy said...

Wow, that sounds like quite the hike!! But what an amazing amazing view! And I've only been in a Forever 21 a few times and it's been many years, but I def. remember walking out feeling like a granny too. :)

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