Monday, July 22, 2013

Olympic National Park--Hurricane Ridge

A couple of weeks ago Peter had a few days off after being out of the country.  We decided to explore the Olympic Peninsula.  We didn't have much of a plan to we fortified ourselves at a local donut shop, Legendary Donuts.  Yum!!

Olympic National Park is huge!!  It has a lot of inroads, kind of like spokes that go the whole way around it but no road that go through it.  These pictures were from Hurricane Ridge.  It was gorgeous!! 

Reed is hidden on my back here.

This was the best we could do with the phone!  

Little Guy is an awesome hiker!  He did such a great job and enjoyed wearing his new "hiking shoes".  We saw lots of deer and I think he got a kick out of being able to potty outside.  Too much of a kick since I find him doing it ALL THE TIME now!!

Plenty of snow left a the ridge.  I didn't realize that when we left the car.  I roughed it.

Mountain wildflowers

I can't get enough of "God's playground" as Peter and Stafford call it!

We were the cool parents that took our toddlers mini-golfing at 9pm.  Hilarious doesn't even being to describe it.  Such a fun night!!


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