Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ruston Way

When we first arrived in Tacoma I was a little awestruck by the amazing scenery.  I'm not sure what I thought Washington would look like but it certainly wasn't this.  We have a peek-a-boo view of both the sound and the mountain from our bedroom and we try to walk by the waterfront often, especially during the summer.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from one of our walks this July.

These boys love each other. Look at those cute crossed legs.

My two big boys running towards the playground.

Enjoying the new playground.  The views from this little playground can't be beat!

Love my boys!!

This ship is actually the office where you can go buy property in a new development.  The other day we walked by and it was gone.  We thought that was funny.

View looking East on the playground.

This guy.  He wants to help all the time now.  He'll ask me "Mama am I such a good helper?"  I can't help but tell him yes.

Just another view of "the mountain"

And another

Loved this guy out paddleboarding with his dog.  

Beautiful end to a beautiful evening!


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