Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Boys Lately

The Little Guy is into being a good helper.  He asks often "Mama am I a good helper?"  Then he tells me that I am a good helper and Daddy is a good helper.

Reading Bible stories

This kid.  I find him on this table about 70 times a day.  He is obsessed.  

A few weeks ago we went to member only night at the zoo.  The carousel ride was free so of course we had to ride!!  Not sure the Reedster was too excited!!

This guy loved it though!!

We also got to feed the budgie birds.  Definitely the highlight of the night.

This is about as good as it comes when we're doing self portraits these days.

And this might be my favorite picture of this kid ever.  Watermelon....dirt...little belly....perfection!


alison said...

your boys have the best little life! and I love the last picture too...nothing better than watermelon and dirt :)

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