Monday, July 22, 2013

Olympic National Park--Park Two

Our second day of our mini-vacation in the Olympic Peninsula started with a visit to the Olympic Game Farm.  The Olympic Game Farm was the host of many Disney movies that centered on wildlife.  They have lions, tigers, bears....pretty much anything you can think of!!

The boys were excited to feed the deer.

The deer were a little less excited with all of the squealing!

Petting the llamas.  Way too many llamas stuck their head in my car.

Feeding a bison.  Or maybe a yak?  This place had them all!

Crescent Lake

Marymare Falls  

This guy decided he was going to be a climber.  He has been tentative about climbing in the past so I was proud of his adventurous spirit!

Helping brother Reed during our hike in the rainforest.  Impossible to get a picture of them without blurry feet!

Playing peek-a-boo int he trees.

The Hoh River

He spent some of the hike here but was anxious to get down and run.

Another view of the Hoh.

More blurry feet and hand holding.

We decided to press on to the Pacific!

It's amazing how different the beachscape is from Charleston.

The Olympic Peninsula is full of awesome things to do!!  We were only there for about 36 hours and we packed in a week's worth of fun.  We can't wait to go back!!


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