Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 13: B I NGO

When you think of Christmas traditions the game Bingo probably doesn't make the list.  I can't imagine why!  Doesn't every family play Bingo at Christmas-time?  Regardless of what you are doing at your Christmas celebration, the Roxberry's were playing Bingo.  Each year we would drive to my grandparents in Pennsylvania the day after Christmas.  This trip including a number of traditions; goody bags, LaRosa's and dressing up so that we could look "cute" the minute we got out of the car.  Lovely concept for an 8 hour drive. 

After we arrived at my grandparents and they ooed and ahhed over how cute we looked we had dinner and then we got to open presents.  Presents were great but what we were really excited about was Bingo!!  Dad & Grandpa would watch TV and Grandma would get out the Bingo game and a bag of prizes. Mom, Allison & I would play Bingo all night long.  We won things like pocket calendars, hair-bows and chapstick.  But that didn't matter.  It was the thrill of winning and the tradition that made it fun.

This year my Grandma got to spend Thanksgiving with us.  It was so fun to have her there and in order to include as much tradition as possible we brought out the Bingo game and played for old times sake.  We may not play Bingo every year but the game will always bring back fond memories for me.  Who knows, maybe someday when my grandkids come over I'll be calling out B-15 and O-67 for them!


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