Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We're Baaaack!!

I know all of you readers have been heartbroken over my almost 2 week absence from the blogging world. Fear not! I'm back!! Peter and I spent the last week in the Outer Banks visiting with my family and some extended family. We had an amazing time and I'll be sharing some pictures and a little bit about our trip later on in the week.

Today however I want to share with you a couple of my favorite websites. These aren't necessarily "fun" websites. No monogramming, costume jewelry or designer handbags here. However they are sites that have been super helpful to us!

1. half.com

I use this website as much as I can! If you haven't even checked it out it is basically a "buy it now" website. You can list books, movies, cds and dvds and you get to choose the price. There is no bidding so if you are looking for something and find it you can buy it right away. One of the best parts about it is you can sell your old textbooks. Recently I sold a couple of college textbooks. Although I wasn't in college THAT long ago, usually textbooks move out of rotation pretty often. I've made over 200 dollars in the last month selling these books! If you have old books or media in the house and want to get rid of it try half.com!!

2. craigslist.com

Most of you probably know this website or have used it. However I know very few people who use it as much as I do! Craigslist is also a "non-bidding" site where you can buy and sell your stuff. There are really no limits to what you can list on this site. Not only have we bought and sold but we have also listed a couch "free if you come get it" and it is long gone! Because of the up-coming arrival of Baby E we needed to get rid of some major stuff (aka junk) in our house as well as some furniture. We have sold a couple of things and I'm saving the cash for a camera!

3. shutterfly.com

You aren't going to make any money on this site. However you can do lots and lots of fun stuff here! Last year Peter and I had the amazing opportunity to go to Europe. We went to 6 countries in 3 weeks and took zillions of pictures!! I wanted to be able to display all the pictures but I also wanted them to be labeled so when we looked at them we would remember what all the places were. Shutterfly provided the perfect medium for me to do this! I put together a 12x12 photobook that included captions and over 200 of our favorite pictures. I was a little nervous about how it would turn out but when we received it in the mail it was phenomenal!! After this I decided I would never scrapbook or put pictures in a traditional picture album again! I've started documenting the "Life of the Eulers" and intend to print a book for each year we are married. My goal is to finish the first 4 books (I'm including the dating year) before the little guy arrives!! We'll see how it goes!!

None of these site are super exciting unless you really take advantage of them. However if you choose to use them I think you'll find you like them as much as I do!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some before/after pictures of Baby E's nursery!!!!!!!!!


Amber Cullum said...

I haven't looked at half.com, so thanks for the info.

Can't wait to see nursery pics!!

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